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Philosophy emphasizes critical thinking and logical reasoning, and introduce students to a wide variety of philosophical traditions and issues. Philosophy courses within Global Media & Contemporary Culture program can be helpful to students considering law school, medical school or graduate school, as well as to any student looking for a strong foundation in a core liberal arts discipline.

Philosophy ("love of wisdom") explores fundamental issues that have intrigued and perplexed human beings for millennia, including the nature of reality, human knowledge and truth, mind and personal identity, and the application of ethical principles to moral problems. The study of philosophy fosters the ability to think critically, to identify and analyze complex problems, to use higher-order reasoning skills through the consistent application of deductive and inductive logical principles, to comprehend multiple perspectives on a specific topic, to communicate effectively and persuasively, and to formulate solutions and evaluate possible outcomes on a wide range of subjects. Students of philosophy learn the value of living an examined life, not only by studying the great thinkers of the past, but also by articulating and defending their own carefully-formulated ideas.

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