Stephen F. Austin State University

Career Opportunities

Not sure you have what it takes?

Talent isn't everything. Motivation and interest, combined with excellent instruction, may enable you to achieve more than you might think possible. If you are willing to work hard, if you have an open mind and are receptive to instruction, the faculty at SFA can provide the education you need for a career in an art field of your choice. All art programs at SFA stress independence, self-reliance, hard work and creative and analytical thinking. The entrepreneurial spirit is integral to the working processes that are part of every art class. When one considers the extent to which our society is dominated by images of all kinds, it is easy to understand the economic potential that exists for those who can combine these traditional American values with knowledge and skill in the art of creating and manipulating images.

For more information, contact the Department of Art at or 936.468.4804.