Stephen F. Austin State University


Majors & Minors

As a student majoring in chemistry, you may choose between a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry or biochemistry. For the Master of Science degree, may choose between a 36-hour non-thesis degree or a 30-hour thesis degree. A minor in chemistry consists of at least 18 hours of chemistry with six advanced hours. Research opportunities are available in analytical, biochemistry, environmental, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry.

All students must complete a major and a minor (or second major), take the appropriate core curriculum requirements, and have at least 120 semester hours for graduation.

Biochemistry majors are required to minor in biology.

Each interdisciplinary experience has 23 hours of minor/electives in any area of interest leading to a minor (or second major) of which 11 hours must be approved advanced hours (six advanced hours in minor is required). An American Chemical Society certified B.S. degree requires five hours of ACS approved 400-level chemistry electives (which includes a supervised research project) beyond the chemistry core.

For more information, contact the Department of Chemistry at or 936.468.3606.