Stephen F. Austin State University


The Biology Department's mission is to produce broadly trained biologists with the skills and knowledge that will prepare them to succeed in the biological field of their choosing. The academic programs offered have the intellectual breadth and academic rigor needed to achieve this objective. Goals to the meet mission:

Although the Department of Biology has a broad mission in teaching and research, it emphasizes botany, cellular and molecular biology, and ecology and evolution in its strategic planning. These areas of emphasis are interconnected and are particularly relevant to the East Texas region, a region that is rich in opportunities for research in these biological disciplines.

Majors & Minors

All students majoring in biology are required to take 22 hours from a life science core including BIO 130, 131, 133, 341, 370, 470 as well as, Ecology BIO 313 or 403 or 450. See below for a detailed explanation under the heading "Biology Major Requirements". Each student is strongly encouraged to work closely with a departmental advisor to design the program best suited to the interests and goals of the student. While completing a common core of courses that is taken by all majors, students must select from the following degree tracks: Botany, Cell and Molecular Biology, or Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. A minimum of 40 semester hours of biology, including the core curriculum, (with 15 hours in advanced courses) is required for a B.S. degree with a major in biology.

Biology minor may be earned by taking 20 - 23 hours of biology. All those seeking a minor must successfully complete (a "C" or better) BIO 130, BIO 131, and BIO 133; prior to enrolling in these courses, a student must be TSI compliant. The minor can be completed by taking three additional upper division biology courses. The student must successfully complete (a "C" or better) these upper division electives if they constitute a pre-requisite for another biology course the student wishes to take. The following courses may not be used to fulfill the requirements of the biology minor: BIO 121, BIO 123, BIO 238, BIO 239, BIO 301, BIO 308. Additionally, only three hours of BIO "300" may be counted towards the minor.

For more information, contact the Department of Biology at or 936.468.3601.