Stephen F. Austin State University

Career Opportunities

Become a high school dance teacher. The dance teaching field results in certification.

Own and direct your own dance studio. Major in Dance and minor in Business to prepare.

Teach in a private studio or fitness center. A degree in dance will make you more marketable and give you the skills to teach safe and exciting classes. Jobs are available to work with children, youths, adult beginners and senior citizens as well as advanced dancers.

Perform. As a dance major, you will learn a variety of styles to compete in auditions for performance venues such as theatrical productions and dance companies.

Choreograph. Training and opportunities to choreograph at SFA will prepare you to pursue jobs choreographing for private studios, high schools and community events.

Graduate studies. The dance major is the preferred degree for institutions offering graduate programs in dance. If you are thinking about going to graduate school, it is recommended to pursue field experience as a teacher or performer after you finish your bachelor's degree and before applying to an institution with a graduate program in dance.

Specialized fields in dance may require advanced studies. They include dance therapy, somatic practices, dance history, dance criticism, dance ethnology, creative movement, dance kinesiology, dance notation, dance administration, liturgical dance, dance company management and dance technology. Additional related fields include costume design, lighting design, stage management and arts management.

For more information, contact the Department of Dance at or 936.468.1543.