Stephen F. Austin State University

The Arthur Temple College of Forestry & Agriculture


The mission of the Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture (ATCOFA) is to maintain excellence in teaching, research and outreach; to enhance the health and vitality of the environment through sustainable management, conservation and protection of our forests and natural resources; to seek solutions to environmental problems through the use of basic and applied science; and to enhance the production and economic viability of agricultural commodities. The principles supporting this mission include:

The forestry, environmental science and agriculture complex contains classrooms, laboratories, student computer rooms, greenhouses, a center for livestock production and geographic information systems (GIS) laboratories. The Piney Woods Conservation Center, an off-campus facility located on Sam Rayburn Reservoir, provides an ideal setting for field-based studies. Excellence within the ATCOFA is reflected in a variety of other research centers and institutes, including the Center for Applied Studies in Forestry, the Columbia Geospatial Service Center, the Center for Pharmaceutical Crops, the Poultry Science Center, the Forest Resources Initiative, the East Texas Native Plants Center, the Institute for White-tailed Deer Management and Research, and the Waters of East Texas (WET) Center.

The campus is situated near the Stephen F. Austin Experimental Forest, the East Texas Plant Materials Center, five wilderness areas that are part of four national forests and several million acres of private commercial forests. The university also is situated in the heart of the nursery/landscape, beef cattle and poultry industries of East Texas. Forestry, environmental science, spatial science and agriculture classes take advantage of these resources for hands-on education and research opportunities. Forestry, environmental science, spatial science and agriculture programs benefit from cooperative efforts with industry and producers.