Stephen F. Austin State University

General Business

The Department of General Business offers a degree program for students who are interested in a broad-based business degree. An integral part of the Nelson Rusche College of Business, the Department of General Business offers an excellent variety of majors, minors and courses. The unique blend of diverse courses is taught by an extremely talented and qualified faculty.

All undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Business are fully accredited by the AACSB-the International Association for Management Education. Students completing a major in the Department of General Business must qualify for a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree. The department offers a selection of one major with optional areas of emphasis, four minors, and an opportunity to earn business teacher certification.


The general business major allows students to select courses from different academic departments within the College of Business. This major features a broad-based general knowledge of business. General business majors may choose to take a variety of business-related courses including:

By taking selected courses, a student may complete an emphasis in corporate communication, legal studies or a certification in petroleum land management. A wide variety of courses for general business students are offered online. Students may also choose to participate in one or more travel courses offered by the department with destinations including Washington , D.C., New York, China, Singapore, and European locations.

The general business major with an emphasis in teacher certification prepares the student for teaching school business subjects or technology applications.


Administrative Law emphasizes structure, rules and requirements of governmental regulatory agencies related to the business environment.

Business Communication enables both business and non-business students to develop advanced communication skills for a variety of work environments.

General Business offers non-business majors basic business knowledge and skills.

General Business Technology Applications provides business and non-business students with applied technology skills applicable in business and educational settings.

A certificate in Petroleum Land Management can be earned by completing 15 semester hours of specified course work. The certificate can be completed simultaneously with requirements for the general business major or minor and prepares the student for various employment opportunities in the energy-related fields.


Providing quality instruction, scholarly activity and service to the community, the faculty is committed to teaching and genuinely cares about students' success. The general business faculty includes nationally known speakers, noted researchers, and textbook authors. In addition to providing relevant classroom instruction, the faculty is easily accessible for student advising and career counseling.

For more information, contact the Department of General Business at or 936.468.3103.