Stephen F. Austin State University

Career Opportunities

General Business

Career opportunities for graduates with a general business major are as diverse as the major itself. Depending upon an individual's interests, goals, and course selections, careers in business, industry, government and education are available.

Recent general business graduates have made their careers in fields such as financial services, insurance, customer relations, manufacturing, wholesale and retail environments, and real estate. Others have become computer specialists, consultants or have become computer specialists, consultants or have chosen career in government, education and not for profit settings.

Business Communication and Corporate Education

Career opportunities for graduates with a business communication and corporate education major exist in in the rapidly growing fields of corporate communication and learning. Graduates may be employed as communication specialists, training development specialists, training managers, training directors, chief learning or knowledge officers, technical trainers, customer service trainers, or as organizational development consultants. As part of the field of human resource development, practitioners communicate with key audiences and prepare employees to meet the challenges of changes in the workplace.