Stephen F. Austin State University

Career Opportunities

Active Army: Starting salary for a second lieutenant is more than $39,000 per year, which increases to more than $55,000 after four years. Graduating second lieutenants may request one of the 17 career fields in which they desire to serve, ranging from finance, aviation, transportation, logistics, law enforcement, personnel, medical administration, engineering, nursing and communications, as well as the traditional areas such as infantry, armor and field artillery.

Reserves: Students who graduate may opt to serve in the National Guard or Army Reserve instead of active duty. This allows them to pursue a civilian career, but also guarantees them a part-time job with good pay and the opportunity to serve their state and nation. The career fields for reserve officers are the same as those for the active Army.

Civilian: Regardless of whether the student serves in the active Army, National Guard or Army Reserve, or even decides not to pursue a commission, Army ROTC offers training in leadership and management skills that are valuable for any employment situation.

Nursing: The Army provides opportunities offered nowhere else. Army nurses practice their profession around the world and receive training not available to most health professionals. Nursing and other medical professionals often comment about the incredible education and career opportunities in Army nurs­ing.

For more information, contact the Department of Military Science at or 936.468.4505.