Stephen F. Austin State University

Career Opportunities

Possible career options available to theatre majors include, but are not limited to:

Performing and Directing

Performing Arts Design (Theatre/Opera, Dance, Music, Theme Parks/Restaurants/Fairs, Industrial Shows, Churches, Weddings, Special Events, Circus, Variety Entertainment)

Performing Arts Technology (Theatre/Opera, Dance, Music, Presenting Venues, Theme Parks/Restaurants/Fairs, Industrial Shows, Churches, Weddings, Events, Circus, Variety)

Talent/Casting (Stage, Screen, Advertising, etc.)

Arts Administration (Theatre, Dance, Music/Opera, Presenting Organizations, Educational Institutions, Government Agencies, Service Organizations, Theme Parks/Restaurants/Fairs, Foundations, Corporate Philanthropy)

Stage Management/Production Assistance

Production Design (Art Direction) and Sound Design

Costume and Makeup/Hair/Wig Design

Dramaturgy/Script Development (Professional Theatre, Film, etc.)


Equipment and Materials for Stage and Screen


Commercial/Educational Design

Non-Performance Lighting

Helping Professions

Event Planning

Corporate Communications

Teaching careers are available at all levels; kindergarten through middle school, high school, junior college and university. Many graduates are employed in public service fields, advertising, corporate public relations, and human resources.

For more information, contact the School of Theatre at or 936.468.4003