Stephen F. Austin State University


Many students feel pressured to declare a major when they enter college but are not ready to make a firm commitment to one subject or career. In fact, most students change their major at least once. If you are uncertain about a major, don't feel pressured into declaring one. Take your time, consider the range of options, investigate the possibilities and then make an informed and confident decision. As an undecided major, a student can take a combination of general education and elective courses that will apply toward a degree when the student eventually declares a major. Since most of a first-year college student's courses are general education courses, delaying the declaration of a major for up to a year rarely extends the length of time a student takes to graduate.

Academic Advising

The principal advising center for undecided majors is the Academic Advising Center, which is located in the Steen Library Room 203. Its staff will assist students with selecting courses, exploring majors and other aspects of academic life. If you have narrowed your choice of major down to choosing between one or two programs offered within a single college, you can be advised as an undecided major within that college. But if you are truly undecided as to what you want to major in, you should be advised as an Undecided Liberal and Applied Arts major through the Academic Advising Center.

Other Assistance Available

In addition to academic advising, students seeking help in choosing a major or in exploring careers should visit the Counseling and Career Services Center on the third floor of the Rusk Building. Career counselors are available to assist students with interest inventories, career information and other resources. Many students arrange to take a career assessment, such as SIGI or TypeFocus, and discuss their results with a counselor.

If you plan to take SFA 101 in your first semester, consider taking a section of the course specifically for undecided students. If you have a potential major in mind, check for availability of an SFA 101 section for that major.

For more information, contact the Academic Advising Center at or 936.468.5803.