Stephen F. Austin State University

Department of Secondary Education & Educational Leadership



The Secondary Education Program seeks to prepare teachers as school leaders committed to youth, scholarship and lifelong learning through a scholar-practitioner learning community characterized by a learner-centered curriculum, field experience, mentoring, and practical inquiry.

Undergraduate Certification

Certification and Minor

The Secondary Education program offers certification through general coursework and a SED Minor. Students may obtain certification through coursework if their major does not accept the SED minor.

Prerequisite requirements for admission to the program and minor include EPS 380 and admission to Teacher Education.

Requirements for certification listed under the College of Education in this Bulletin are SED 370, 371, 372, 450, 450L, 460, 442, and 443.

Requirements for the SED minor are SED 370, 371, 372, 450, 450L, 460, 442 and 443. These courses total 24 hours for the minor.

Courses in Secondary Education (SED)

Unless otherwise indicated, courses are 3 semester hours credit, 3 hours lecture per week.

For more information, please contact the Department of Secondary Education and Educational Leadership at 468-2908 or Dr. Amanda Rudolph, program coordinator, at


Introduction to Pedagogy and Active Learning - Three semester hours. An overview of the pedagogical skills and competencies needed to become effective, learner-centered teachers. SED 370 is a learner-centered experience exploring active learning patterns and practices with an emphasis on the integration of instructional technology into the teaching and learning process.


Learner-Centered Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment - Three semester hours. Application of learner-centered curriculum, instruction, and assessment with an emphasis on culturally relevant teaching within a constructivist framework. Prerequisite: EPS 380 and SED 370 and admission to Teacher Education.


Reading and Information Literacy in Secondary Classrooms - Three semester hours. The study of reading and writing processes, language development, and conventions of writing and content reading. Emphasis will be on instructional and comprehension strategies appropriate for content area literacy instruction and assessment and for working with culturally and linguistically diverse learners to improve communication skills. Prerequisite: EPS 380 and SED 370 and admission to Teacher Education.


Student Teaching in a Secondary Learning Community - Nine semester hours. Guided authentic learning experience in a public school learning community. Incidental fee: $16. Prerequisite: EPS 380; SED 370, 371, 372, 450, 450L, 460 and 460L.


The Professional Educator - Three semester hours. This web-based course is designed to synthesize educational strategies and practices while the candidate completes student teaching. It also assists students in preparation for teacher certification examinations. Prerequisite: EPS 380; SED 370, 371, 372, 450, 450L and 460.


Diversity in a Learner Centered Environment - Two semester hours. This course seeks to provide understanding and strategies that will empower pre-service teacher candidates to assume the responsibility for the creation of a classroom learning environment wherein students from diverse cultural, linguistic, ethnic, economic, and ability backgrounds may attain maximum academic, social, and emotional success. Prerequisite: EPS 380; SED 370, 371, 372 and admission to Teacher Education. Concurrent registration with SED 450L and 460.


Diverse Classroom Lab - One semester hour. Lab will facilitate application of strategies gained in SED 450. Field-based lab that is co-requisite to SED 450.


Managing a Learner Centered Classroom - Two semester hours. Design of instructional delivery systems with emphasis on strategies that will enable pre-service teachers to effectively utilize their knowledge of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development; diverse populations; learning styles; classroom management; and discipline management in the public school classroom. Prerequisite: EPS 380; SED 370, 371, 372 and admission to Teacher Education. Concurrent registration with SED 450 and 450L.


Special Topics in Education - Three to six semester hours. Provides the context for an authentic cross-cultural experience. May be repeated with different topics. Prerequisites: Junior status and a willingness to work collaboratively with others in a constructivist environment.