Stephen F. Austin State University


Academic Affairs 2018/2019 Committees

Faculty Senate 2018/2019




Meetings 2018/2019
2:30 p.m. STEM Building
2018/2019 Dr. Jason Reese Dr. Jeremy Stovall September 12, 2018
2017/2018 Dr. Le'Ann Solmonson Dr. Jason Reese October 10, 2018
2016/2017 Dr. J.D. Salas Dr. Le'Ann Solmonson November 14, 2018
2015/2016 Dr. Karen Embry Jenlink Dr. J.D. Salas
2014/2015 Dr. Karen Embry Jenlink Dr. Norjuan Austin
2013/2014 Dr. Dana Cooper Dr. Jana Nerren February 13, 2019
2012/2013 Dr. Linda Bobo Dr. Dana Cooper March 13, 2019
2011/2012 Dr. David Howard Dr. Linda Bobo April 10, 2019
2010/2011 Dr. Ken Collier Dr. David Howard May 8, 2019
2009/2010 Dr. Kevin Langford Dr. Ken Collier

Chairs' Forum 2018/2019

YEAR CHAIR CHAIR ELECT Meetings 2018/2019
11:45 - 1:00 p.m. Culinary Café
2018/2019 Dr. Lesa Beverly Mr. Cleo House
2017/2018 Dr. Robbie Steward Dr. Sara Bishop
2016/2017 Dr. John Hendricks Dr. Robbie Steward
2015/2016 Dr. Scott Shattuck Dr. John Hendricks
2014/2015 Dr. Liz Vaughan Dr. Scott Shattuck
2013/2014 Dr. Jeana Paul-Urena Dr. Todd Brown
2012/2013 Dr. Lynda Martin Dr. Jeana Paul-Urena
2011/2012 Dr. Troy Davis Dr. Lynda Martin
2010/2011 Dr. Michael Pickard Dr. Troy Davis
2009/2010 Dr. Debbie Pace Dr. Michael Pickard

University Assessment Steering Council

Debbie Pace (Chair) College of Sciences & Mathematics
Jonathan Helmke Library
Courtney Wooten College of Liberal & Applied Arts
Hans Williams College of Forestry & Agriculture
Mark Sanders Chairs' Forum
Louise Stoehr Faculty Senate
Ric Berry Graduate School
Scott Shattuck College of Fine Arts
Todd Brown College of Business
Christina Sinclair College of Education