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Course Syllabus Guidelines

Course Syllabus Guidelines for NON Core Curriculum Courses 5/19/16
Course Syllabus Guidelines for Core Curriculum Courses 5/19/16

Rubrics for new Core Assessment Plan

Core Curriculum Assessment Plan Fall 2016 Forward (Posted August 14, 2017)

Core Curriculum Assessment Committee Review of Core Assessment Results 2006-2009

Guidelines for Assessment of Core Curriculum Courses REVISED 12/1/2012

Guidelines for Assessment of Core Curriculum Courses REVISED 3/12/2010

Guidelines for Assessment of Core Curriculum Courses - This document was created by the Core Curriculum Assessment Committee in January of 2006. It provides a detailed explanation of the new core assessment procedures. It is VERY important that all course coordinators read this document very carefully.

Core Curriculum: Assumptions and Defining Characteristics - This is the document created in 1998 by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to guide state colleges and universities in developing their core courses. It outlines the competencies and objectives that the entire core, as well as individual courses, are expected to cover.

Course Coordinators by Core Course - This table lists all the core courses currently offered at SFA (as listed in the current catalogue) and the course coordinator assigned to that course. All course coordinators should be listed by April 3.

Assessment Forms in Microsoft Word Format - These are the same forms that are supplied in Appendix C of the "Guidelines" document, but in .doc format for easy completion.

Quick Reference Guide - A 1-page summary of the assessment process.


Available Core Curriculum Assessments

The core course curriculum assessments are available from within mySFA. After logging into mySFA, choose the myServices tab and click on Reports in the Core Curriculum Assessment section on the left side.

Core Curriculum Assessment Committee

If you have questions, you may contact any of the current members of the Core Curriculum Assessment Committee listed below. Updates or changes to this website should be directed to