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Curriculum Changes

Curriculum Changes 2018/2019

Please utilize the following proposal forms to begin the Fall 2019 curriculum review process. The forms are being duplicated in the Curriculog software, which is scheduled to be available later in the fall. The new software will allow copying and pasting, so the information included in the forms will be easily duplicated in the Curriculog software when it is available. Beginning the process with these temporary forms will help to avoid delays in the curriculum process while the new software is being implemented.


Date Posted

Program Modification Form 08/20/2018
Course Deletion Proposal 08/20/2018
Course Modification Proposal 08/20/2018
New Course Proposal 08/20/2018
New Program Proposal 08/21/2018
Distance Ed Program Request 08/22/2018


Distance Education Online Program Design Plan and Request Form

Off Campus Face-to-Face Program Form

Curriculum Changes 2009 - 2018

Changes submitted to the Board of Regents in April will go into effect in the Fall

Year Undergraduate Curriculum Graduate Curriculum Course Fees Posted Approved by Board
2018 Undergrad 2018 Grad 2018 Course Fees 6/19/18 4/24/18
2017 Undergrad 2017 Grad 2017 Course Fees 8/15/17 4/25/17
2016 Undergrad 2016 Grad 2016 Course Fees 8/16/16 4/12/16
2015 Undergrad 2015 Grad 2015 Course Fees 2015 4/8/15 4/13/15
2014 Undergrad 2014 Grad 2014 Course Fees 4/15/14
2013 Undergrad 2013 Grad 2013 Course Fees 2013 4/23/13
2012 Undergrad 2012 Grad 2012 Course Fees 2012 4/17/12
2011 Undergrad 2011 Grad 2011 Course Fees 2011 4/19/11
2010 Undergrad_2010 Grad 2010 4/20/10

UNDERGRADUATE curriculum changes are approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Deans' Council, Board of Regents, SACs (if applicable) and The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

GRADUATE curriculum changes are approved by the Graduate Council, Board of Regents, SACS (if applicable) and The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.