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Curriculum Changes

Curriculum Changes 2014/2015

Amended process to the course proposals modifications, effective September 18. 2014



Distance Education ITV Program Design Plan and Request Form

Distance Education Online Program Design Plan and Request Form

New Program Request Form

Off Campus Face-to-Face Program Form

Program Modification Form

Some Useful information and tips from Dr. Mark Turner, Chair of the Curriculum Committee:

The following instructional videos are intended to answer common questions about how to input information into the online course proposal software. Most of the information can be simply copy/paste from an existing document (e.g., syllabus).

If you have specific questions that these videos do not answer, contact me at or 4051
Mark E. Turner, DMA Chair, University Curriculum Committee

(please be patient, the videos make take a minute or two to download)

Overview: The following video provides an overview of the submitting course proposals online:

The OLD way and the NEW way. This video highlights the differences between how we used to submit course proposals and the new way:

Workflow of online program changes. This video provides you with detailed information about how to submit program changes to the University Curriculum Committee.

Course Proposal Submissions Part One:

Course Proposal Submissions Part Two

Course Proposal Submissions Part Three

Revising a course proposal. Once a proposal is input into the system you can modify it at any time. This video shows you how to accomplish this.

Curriculum Changes 2009 - 2014

Changes submitted to the Board of Regents in April will go into effect in the Fall

Year Undergraduate Curriculum Graduate Curriculum Course Fees Approved by Board
2014 Undergrad 2014 Grad 2014 Course Fees 4/15/14
2013 Undergrad 2013 Grad 2013 Course Fees 2013 4/23/13
2012 Undergrad 2012 Grad 2012 Course Fees 2012 4/17/12
2011 Undergrad 2011 Grad 2011 Course Fees 2011 4/19/11
2010 Undergrad_2010 Grad 2010 4/20/10

UNDERGRADUATE curriculum changes are approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Deans' Council, Board of Regents, SACs (if applicable) and The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

GRADUATE curriculum changes are approved by the Graduate Council, Board of Regents, SACS (if applicable) and The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.