Stephen F. Austin State University


Academic Affairs Forms Listing

Academic Instructional Equipment Purchased Form
Adjunct Administrative Evaluation Form
Administrative Evaluation Form
Application for Promotion/Tenure
Approval to Work more than 20 Hours (updates 10/1/13)
Certificate Request Form
Continuing Education Course Approval Form (related to policy A-32)
Distance Education ITV Program Design Plan and Request Form
Distance Education ONLINE Program Design Plan and Request Form
Faculty Credential Certification
Faculty Development Leave Request Form
Faculty Development Leave Proposal Format
Faculty Professional Development Form
Foreign Travel Request Form
Graduate Assistant Offer Letter
Graduate Assistant Appointment Procedures
Lab and Course Fee Request Form
Moving Expense Payment/Reimbursement
New Program Request Form
Off Campus Face-to-Face Program Form
Outside Employment Approval Request
Outside Employment Summary Form
Performance Management Plan & Review
Post Hire Form
Professional Development Summary Form
Program Modification Form
Program Review Appendix A
Program Review Appendix B
Program Review Appendix C
Program Review Appendix D
Recommendation for Faculty Appointment/Request for New Faculty Contract
Report of Academic Dishonesty
Small-size Class Approval Form (underenrolled)
Technology Maintenance Funds
Timeline for Approval & Submission of Curriculum Changes
Workload Reassignment Request Form