Stephen F. Austin State University


Academic Affairs Forms Listing

A-C Posted/Updated
Academic Instructional Equipment Purchased Form
Adjunct Administrative Evaluation Form
Administrative Evaluation Form 2/19/15
Administrative Evaluation Form ASSOCIATE DEANS 5/8/17
Administrative Evaluation Form UNIT HEAD 1/8/18
Application for Promotion/Tenure 2/19/15
Certificate Request Form 9/19/17
Continuing Education Course Approval Form (related to policy A-32)
Contract Request (Faculty) 3/23/17
Distance Education ITV Program Design Plan and Request Form
Distance Education ONLINE Program Design Plan and Request Form
Faculty Credential Certification
Faculty Development Leave Request Form 2/19/15
Faculty Development Leave Proposal Format
Faculty Professional Development Form
Foreign Travel Request Form 2/19/15
Graduate Assistant Offer Letter
Graduate Assistant Appointment Procedures
Lab and Course Fee Request Form
Lab and Course Fee Request Form (Word Document) 9/13/17
Moving Expense Payment/Reimbursement 6/29/16
New Program Request Form
Off Campus Face-to-Face Program Form
Outside Employment Approval Request 9/16/15
Outside Employment Summary Form 2/19/15
Performance Management Plan & Review
Professional Development Summary Form
Program Modification Form
Program Review Appendix A
Program Review Appendix B
Program Review Appendix C
Program Review Appendix D
Report of Academic Dishonesty
Small-size Class Approval Form (underenrolled) 2/19/15
Timeline for Approval & Submission of Curriculum Changes
Workload Reassignment Request Form