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A - Z


Academic Calendar
Academic Unit Head Handbook 9/19/17
Accredited Programs 6/1/16
American Democracy Project at SFA
Assesment Resource Page
Assignment of Classes to Classrooms - Resolution by Chairs Forum
Board of Regents
Calendar 2019/2020 3/28/16
Calendar 2018/2019 3/28/16
Calendar 2017/2018 3/28/16
Calendar 2016/2017 4/12/13
College of Business (Nelson Rusche)
College of Education (James I. Perkins)
College of Fine Arts
College of Forestry (Arthur Temple)
College of Liberal and Applied Arts
College of Sciences and Mathematics
Committees 8/16/16
Core Curriculum Assessment
Course Fees approved April 2014 10/15/14
Course Fees approved April 2013 9/20/12
Curriculum Processes & Procedures
Curriculum Changes Undergraduate & Graduate 8/16/16


Deans & Chairs 2017/2018 9/20/17
Excused Absences (only accessible through mySFA)
Faculty Development Leave Cover Sheet
Faculty Development Leave POLICY (E-23A)
Faculty Development Leave Proposal Format
Faculty Senate Roster
Fall and Spring Semester Guidelines for Class Time Scheduling


Holiday Schedule Academic Year 08/16/16
Notaries - Academic Affairs 08/01/2016



Minigrant Guidelines 9/27/12
Minutes of Academic Affairs & Deans' Council
Multidisciplinary Program Proposal approved as working document 10/4/17
News Releases
Notaries at SFA 4/13/17
Organization Charts 8/15/17


Program Reviews
Policy Manual
Regents Professor


Strategic Plan Update
SYLLABUS course guidelines for NON-core curriculum courses 5/20/16
SYLLABUS course guidelines for CORE curriculum courses 5/20/16
Teaching Excellence Awards
Triennial Evaluations of Deans, Department Chairs & Directors 8/6/13
Tenure Dossier Preparation Guidelines
Teaching Excellence Center


Special Events

Dr. Abernethy's Regents Lecture "Epiphanies in Academe or Meditations on a Flat Cat"
Dr. Abernethy's Commencement Speech - December 2005