Stephen F. Austin State University

Undergraduate Council

Undergraduate Council (2019/2020)


Appointed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and consisting of one faculty representative elected from each of the undergraduate colleges, and as ex officio, library staff member, registrar, representative from Insitutional Research and the Provost's office.



Three-year Curriculum Committee


To review and make recommendations concerning proposed changes in the undergraduate curriculum; the Curriculum Committee will review and recommend approval or disapproval of all curricular requests. The committee will attempt to ensure (1) that academic quality is maintained in programs and courses; (2) that redundancy is minimized in the curriculum, and (3) that changes are consistent with academic policies and with the role and scope of the department, college, and university.

Curriculum Committee (2018/2019)

Name Title Dept/College/Office Term Ends
Dr. Ashley Hall Assistant Professor Bus Comm & Leg Studies 2021/2022
Dr. Owen Smith Professor Philosophy 2020/2021
Dr. Lisa Mize Associate Professor Human Sciences 2021/2022
Dr. Brian Oswald Professor Forestry 2021/2022
Mr. James Adams Assistant Professor Music 2019/2020
Mr. Edward Kownslar Head of RIS Dept Library 2019/2020
Dr. Matthew Kwiatkowski Professor Biology 2021/2022
Dr. Marc Guidry Associate Provost Academic Affairs ex-officio
Ms. Lynda Langham Registrar Enrollment Management ex-officio