Stephen F. Austin State University

Teaching Excellence Awards

Teaching Excellence Awards Committee (2014/2015)


Appointed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and consisting of one faculty member from each of the undergraduate colleges, recommended by the academic deans. The Teaching Excellence Center Directors will serve in an ex-officio position and provide committee support.


The Teaching Excellence Center directors will convene the first meeting of the academic year. A Chair will then elected by the committee at the first meeting.




To promote the recognition and celebration of teaching excellence at SFASU. Specifically, the committee will plan and coordinate the annual SFASU Teaching Excellence Awards Convocation and recognition dinner for award winners. Planning will include communication of criteria and dates with the college deans so that each college chooses a winner in a timely manner, campus-wide communication about the convocation, invitations for the event, arrangements (room, food and entertainment) for the convocation and the dinner, and coordination of presentations at the convocation. The Teaching Excellence Center will serve as the coordinating entity for the committee and TEAC events.

TEAC Committee Members

Name Title Dept/College/Office Term Ends
Dr. Jeff Roth Assistant Professor Social & Cult Analysis 2016/2017
Dr. Owen Smith Assistant Professor Philosophy 2015/2016
Dr. Marsha Bayless Professor Business Communication & Legal Studies 2014/2015
Dr. Janet Tareilo
Assistant Professor Secondary Education 2013/2014
Dr. Lesa Beverly Associate Professor Mathematics 2013/2014
Dr. Michael Maurer Assistant Professor Agriculture 2014/2015
Dr. I Kuai Hung Associate Professor Forestry 2014/2015
Ms. Lauren Selden Assistant Professor Art 2014/2015
Ms. Janet Kamps Coordinator Office of Intructional Technology 2013/2014
Ms. Susan Clarke Librarian Library 2013/2014

Teaching Excellence Center Directors

Name Title Dept/College/Office
Dr. Norm Markworth Professor Physics