Stephen F. Austin State University

Professional Educator's Council

Professional Educator's Council (2019/2020)



Dean of Education chairs this committee and convenes the meetings.


ad-hoc committee


To discuss policies and processes and make recommendations to the Dean of Education regarding preparation of teachers.

Name Title Dept/College/Office
Dr. Claudia Whitley Assistant Professor Elementary Education
Dr. Heather Olson-Beal Assistant Professor Secondary Education
Dr. Adam Akerson Assistant Professor Elementary Education
Dr. Jose Neftali Recinos Assistant Professor Language, Cultures & Communication
Dr. Judy Abbott
Dean Education
Mr. David Goodman Lecturer Kinesiology & Health Science
Dr. Jeanie Gresham Assistant Professor Elementary Education
Dr. Jay Thornton Department Chair Kinesiology & Health Science
Dr. Lynda Martin Chair Human Sciences
Dr. Paige Mask Assistant Professor Human Services
Dr. Glen McCuller Professor Human Services
Dr. Robbie Steward Department Chair Human Services
Dr. Joey Bray Chair Agriculture
Dr. Amanda Rudolph Professor Secondary Education
Ms. Pauline Sampson Dean Graduate School
Dr. Josephine Taylor Associate Professor Life Science
Mr. Scott Whitney Assistant Professor Human Services
Ms. Elizabeth Spradley Assistant Professor Mass Communication
Ms. Lyndsey Kennon

Assistant Professor

Human Services
Ms. Carrie Durrett ST Coordnator Education
Ms. Katie Snyder Certification Officer Education
Ms. Julie Stadler Testing Coordinator Education
Ms. Carrie Williams Admin. Asst. Education
Dr. Susan Casey Program Coordinator Elementary Education
Dr. Brandon Fox Chair Elementary Education
Dr. Kimberly Welsh Program Coordinator Elementary Education
Dr. Michelle Williams Program Coordinator Elementary Education
Dr. Chris Sams Assistant Professor Languages, Cultures & Communication
Dr. Gabriela Recinos Program Coordinator Languages, Cultures & Communication
Dr. Paul Sandul Associate Professor History
Dr. Nancy Shepherd Program Coordinator Human Sciences
Dr. Lisa Mize Program Coordinator Human Sciences
Ms. Heather Munro Instructor Human Services
Dr. Frank Mullins Program Coordinator Human Services
Mr. Michael Munro Program Coordinator Human Services
Dr. Kathleen Sheriff Program Coordinator Human Services
Ms. Heather Samuelson Program Coordinator Kinesiology & Health Science
Dr. Bill Nieberding Assistant Professor School of Art
Dr. Stacy Hendricks Associate Dean College of Education
Ms. Lisa Stone PCOE Advising Director Student Services COE
Dr. Maggie Patterson Lecturer Human Services
Mr. Mark Hawkins Lecturer School of Theatre
Dr. Susan Maniss Associate Professor Human Services
Dr. Ronda McClain Program Coordinator Elementary Education
Ms. Cindy Phelps EPP Program Assistant COE Assessment & Accountability
Dr. Barbara Qualls Principal Program Coord Secondary Ed & Ed Leadership
Dr. Clint Richardson Associate Professor Math & Statistics
Dr. Christina Sinclair Associate Dean College of Education
Ms. Carrie Baker EPP Program Manager COE Assessment & Accountability
Dr. Troy Davis Interim Chair Secondary Ed & Ed Leadership
Ms. Karla Hamilton Director of Assessment Elementary Education
Dr. Linda Black Professor Secondary Ed & Ed Leadership