Stephen F. Austin State University

Research Council

Research Council (2017/2018)


Ten elected and appointed full members of the graduate faculty. Six of the members of the Council, one each from the academic colleges of the University, are elected from the full members of the graduate faculty. One member is elected to represent the Library. The Council members from a given college shall be elected by the faculty - both undergraduate and graduate members - of that college. Three members of the Council are appointed from the full members of the graduate faculty by the chair of the Council, subject to the principle of proportionate representation from each academic college on the basis of full and associate members of the graduate faculty in the respective colleges and subject further to the approval of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. Both elected and appointed members of the Council serve three year terms. Upon expiration of a term, the Council member is ineligible for re-election or reappointment to the Council until the lapse of three years. A vacancy on the Council is filled either by election or appointment, whichever is applicable to the position vacated.


The Director of Research and Sponsored Programs chairs this committee.




To recommend policies and procedures to encourage research activities and to improve the research environment of the University; to develop and recommend University research policies based upon state and federal laws and regulations; to recommend adjudication to variances to policies and procedures; and to develop guidelines for and recommend awards of University research grants.

Name Title Dept/College/Office Term Ends
Robert Culpepper Professor Business 2016/2018**
John Hendricks Professor Liberal and Applied Arts 2016/2018**
Candace Hicks Assistant Professor Fine Arts 2016/2018**
Joey Bray Associate Professor Forestry and Agriculture 2016/2018**
Tingting Xu Assistant Professor Elementary Education 2018/2019 **
Nicholas Long Associate Professor Mathematics & Statistics 2015/2017 **
Brian Oswald
Professor Forestry & Agriculture
Odutayo Odunuga Associate Professor Chemistry 2015/2017*
Chis Comer Professor Forestry & Agriculture 2017/2018 *
Brandon Fox Assistant Professor Elementary Education 2015/2017*
Linda Reynolds Librarian Steen Library 2016/2018 **

* Appointed
** Elected
*** Appointed to complete term of elected representative