Stephen F. Austin State University

Library & Academic Assistance & Resource Center

Library Committee (2017/2018)


Appointed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and consisting of a representatives from Student Government; a faculty representative recommended by each academic dean; and as non-voting members, the Director of Steen Library, the Director of Disability Services.


Associate Provost will appoint the Chair, or arrange the first meeting, at which time the committee will elect a chair.


Two-year - staggered.


To recommend policies and procedures for the Library and the Academic Assistance and Resource Center.

Name Title Dept/College/Office Term Ends
Dr. Susan Reily Assistant Professor Elementary Education 2016/2017
Dr. Chris Ryan Assistant Professor Nursing 2016/2017
Ms. Emily Payne Lecturer Agriculture 2016/2017
Dr. Sam Copeland Professor Social Work 2017/2018
Ms. Shirley Dickerson
Director Library ex officio
Mr. Jeff Brewer Assistant Professor Art 2016/2017
Ms. Tiffany Rivers Director Disability Services ex officio
Ms. Judi Biss Lecturer Business Communications 2016/2017
Jared McNeely Student SGA