Stephen F. Austin State University


Honors Council Committee (2019/2020)


Director of School of Honors chairs this committee and convenes meetings.




To serve as advisory group to the Director of The School of Honors and participate in Honors scholarship review and recommendations.

Name Title College Department
Dr. Carol Wright Assistant Professor Business Business Communication
Dr. Heather Olson Beal Associate Professor Education Secondary Education
Dr. Linda Bobo Associate Professor Education Kinesiology & Health Science
Dr. Christopher Ayer Associate Professor Fine Arts Music
Dr. Daniel Scognamillo Associate Professor Forestry & Agriculture Forestry
Dr. Elizabeth Spradley Assistant Professor Liberal & Applied Arts Government/Criminal Justice
Dr. Michael Martin Associate Professor Liberal & Applied Arts Multidisciplinary Programs
Dr. Dana Cooper Professor Liberal & Applied Arts History
Dr. Russell Franks Assistant Professor Sciences & Mathematics Chemistry
Dr. Robert Henderson Associate Professor Sciences & Mathematics Biology
Dr. Michael Tkacik
Director School of Honors School of Honors