Stephen F. Austin State University

Grievance Panel / Discrimination Complaint Review Board

Grievance Panel/Discrimination Complaint Review Board (2014/2015)


3 faculty from each college.


No Chair for this panel, members are convened via Provost office as and when required.


2 and 3 year terms, staggered.


To serve as a pool from which members of a Hearing Committee may be drawn in case of an appeal as described in Tenure Policy E-50A. If chose through procedures laid out in policy, members may also sreve on a Review Board to consider discrimination or sexual harassment complaints under Policy E-46: Discrimination Complaints/Sexual Harassment.

Name Title Dept/College/Office Term Ends
Dr. Leah Kahn Instructor Elementary Education 2015/2016
Dr. Dale Spradling Assistant Professor Accounting 2016/2017
Dr. Kevin Langford Associate Professor Biology 2014/2015
Dr. Christina Guenther-Scott Assistant Professor Music 2014/2015
Dr. Perry Moon Instructor Languages, Cult, Comm 2015/2016
Dr. Dusty Jenkins Assistant Professor Psychology 2016/2017
Ms. Jodene Pappas Librarian Library 2015/2016
Dr. Charlotte Allen Professor MMIB 2015/2016
Dr. Mark Simmons Associate Professor Economics & Finance 2016/2017
Dr. Craig Morton Assistant Professor Agriculture 2014/2015
Dr. Perry Moon Professor Modern Languages 2015/2016
Dr. Jeremy Stovall Assistant Professor Forestry 2014/2015
Dr. Laura Rikard Assistant Professor Theatre 2015/2016
Dr. Wendy Killam Professor Human Services 2016/2017
Dr. Nathan Nabb Assistant Professor Music 2014/2015
Ms. Jodene Pappas Librarian Library 2016/2017
Dr. Carolyn Stufft Instructor Elementary Education 2014/2015
Dr. Kent Riggs Associate Professor Mathematics 2014/2015
Dr. Janice Hensarling Assistant Professor Nursing 2015/2016