Stephen F. Austin State University

Graduate Council

Graduate Council (2018/2019)


Ten elected and appointed full members of the graduate faculty. Six of the members of the Council, one each from the academic colleges of the University, are elected from the full members of the graduate faculty. Three members are appointed by the Chair of the Council, subject to the principle of proportionate representation from each academic college on the basis of full and associate members of the graduate faculty in the respective colleges and subject further to the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Serving as ex officio are the Dean of Library, Registrar, Chair Elect of the Faculty Senate and a Graduate Student. Appointed members of the Council serve three year terms. Upon expiration of a term, the Council member is ineligible for re-election or reappointment to the Council until the lapse of three years. A vacancy on the Council is filled either by election or appointment, whichever is applicable to the position vacated.


Dean of Graduate School chairs the committee and convenes meetings as needed.




To recommend policies and procedures relative to graduate student admission and programs, graduate faculty membership, graduate curriculum, graduate theses and dissertations, and other matters pertaining to graduate education at the University level.

Name Dept/College/Office Term Ends
Samantha Iman Fine Arts 2020/2021 *
Andrew Lannen History
Faculty Senate Representative
ex officio
Kevin Stafford Sciences & Mathematics 2021/2022*
Jonathan Helmke Steen Library ex officio
Roy Joe Harris Science & Mathematics 2020/2021**
Jillian Dawes Education 2019/2020**
Pauline Sampson
Graduate School
Juan Carlos Urena Liberal & Applied Arts 2020/2021*
Ms. Lynda Langham Registrar ex officio
Adam Akerson Education 2021/2022*
Mitch Crocker Business 2020/2021*
Joyce Johnston Liberal & Applied Arts 2019/2020**
Yuhui Weng Forestry & Agriculture 2020/2021*
Cutler Ruby Graduate Student Rep. 2019/2020

* elected
** appointed