Stephen F. Austin State University

First Year Experience (ad-hoc)

First Year Experience & Second Year Experience (2014/2015) (Undergraduate Initiatives Committee)


Appointed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for University Affairs


Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of Student Affairs




To review the first-year freshman experience at SFA

Name Title Dept/College/Office Term Ends
Dr. Mary Nelle Brunson
Associate Vice President Academic Affairs ad-hoc
Dr. Adam Peck
Dean Students ad-hoc
First Year Experience
Hollie Smith co-chair Assistant Dean Student Affairs for Programs ad-hoc
Monique Cossich co-chair Executive Director Enrollment Management ad-hoc
Dr. Mark Barringer Associate Dean College of Liberal and Applied Arts ad-hoc
Jamie Bouldin Assistnat Director Student Leadership & Services, Student Affairs ad-hoc
Dr. Tim Clipson Professor General Business ad-hoc
Dr. Keith Hubbard Associate Professor Mathematics & Statistics ad-hoc
Whitney Koltonski Early Intervention Coordinator Student Rights & Responsibilities ad-hoc
Gennie Lynn Program Coordinator Residence Life ad-hoc
Rachelle Garrett Interim Director Financial Aid ad-hoc
Brook Rodine Director Orientation Programs ad-hoc
M.E. McWilliams Director AARC ad-hoc
Evan Coulson Coordinator of Outdoor Pursuits Campus Recreation ad-hoc
Dr. Terrence Frazier Director Multi Cultural Affairs ad-hoc
Dr. Phil Catton Associate Professor History ad-hoc
Debbie Kiesel Director Academic Advising ad-hoc
Dr. Elizabeth Tasker Assistant Professor English ad-hoc
Second Year Experience
Ken Morton co-chair Director Campus Recreation ad-hoc
Dr. J.B. Watson co-chair Associate Professor Sociology ad-hoc
Dr. Ken Collier Associate Professor Political Science ad-hoc
Dr. Dennis Gravatt Professor Biology ad-hoc
Amanda Horne Assistant Director Student Activities ad-hoc
Dr. Richard Jones Professor Theatre ad-hoc
Dr. Michael Walker Assistant Dean Student Affairs for Support Services ad-hoc
John Mlinar Coordinator Counseling & Career Services ad-hoc
Dr. Michael Tkacik Director School of Honors ad-hoc
Jenny Waters Assistant Director Residence Life ad-hoc
Trina Menefee Academic Advisor Science & Mathematics ad-hoc
Dr. Dan Bruton Associate Dean Science & Mathematics ad-hoc
Dr. Eric Jones Assistant Professor Kinesiology ad-hoc