Stephen F. Austin State University

Financial Assistance & Scholarship

Financial Assistance & Scholarship Committee (2018/2019)


Appointed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and consisting of one faculty representative from each of the undergraduate colleges; a representative from the Admissions Office, and from the Computer Center, and, as ex officio, the Director of Financial Aid, who shall provide staff support to the Committee, and a representative from the Alumni Association.


Provost office convenes first meeting of the academic year, when there is no Chair. The committee then elects the Chair at this meeting.


Three -year.


To select recipients of scholarships for all endowed scholarships which do not stipulate an alternate selection procedure; to encourage the development of academic excellence through the scholarship program; and, to make recommendations concerning policies governing scholarships, student loads and student employment.

Name Title Dept/College/Office Term Ends
Clive Muir
Assistant Professor Bus Comm/Legal Studies June, 2019
Nathan Nabb Associate Professor Music June, 2019
Jackie Vose Analyst Information Technology June, 2020
Elizabeth Spradley Assistant Professor Communication June, 2020
Erma Brecht Executive Director Admissions June, 2019
Lynn Greenleaf Assistant Professor Mathematics June, 2019
Rachele Garrett Director Financial Aid ex officio
Adam Akerson Assistant Professor Elementary Education June, 2019
Tammy Mitcham Assistant Director Financial Aid June, 2021
Michael Maurer Associate Professor Forestry June, 2021
Deborah Pace Associate Dean Sciences & Mathematics June 2021
Shaun Roberts Assistant Professor Art June 2021
Hollie Smith Assistant Dean Student Affairs June 2021
Michael Tkacik Director/Professor School of Honors June 2021
Jessica Maynard Assistant Director Admissions June 2021
Ryan Brown-Moreno Counselor/Recruiter Admissions June 2021
Raquel Skidmore Academic Advisor Student Success Center June 2021
Liz Chambliss Counselor/Scholarships Financial Aid June 2021
Joe Bray Department Chair Agriculture June 2020
Janet Tareilo Associate Provost

Academic Affairs

Ex Officio