Stephen F. Austin State University

Financial Assistance & Scholarship

Financial Assistance & Scholarship Committee (2016/2017)


Appointed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and consisting of one faculty representative from each of the undergraduate colleges; a representative from the Admissions Office, and from the Computer Center, and, as ex officio, the Director of Financial Aid, who shall provide staff support to the Committe, and a representative from the Alumni Association.


Provost office convenes first meeting of the academic year, when there is no Chair. The committee then elects the Chair at this meeting.


Three -year.


To select recipients of scholarships for all endowed scholarships which do not stipulate an alternate selection procedure; to encourage the development of academic excellence through the scholarship program; and, to make recommendations concerning policies governing scholarships, student loads and student employment.

Name Title Dept/College/Office Term Ends
Dr. Clive Muir Assistant Professor Bus Comm/Legal Studies 2018/2019
Dr. Nathan Nabb Associate Professor Music 2018/2019
Ms. Tracey Foster Analyst Information Technology 2016/2017
Ms. Emily Carberry Scholarship Coordinator Alumni Association ex officio
Dr. Jessica Sams Associate Professor English 2016/2017
Mr. Kevin Davis Assistant Director Admissions 2018/2019
Dr. Lynn Greenleaf Assistant Professor Mathematics 2018/2019
Ms. Rachelle Garrett Director Financial Aid ex officio
Dr. Adam Akerson Assistant Professor Elementary Education 2018/2019
Ms. Tammy Mitcham Assistant Director Financial Aid ex officio
Dr. Jeremy Stovall Assistant Professor Forestry 2018/2019