Stephen F. Austin State University

Distance Education

Distance Education Committee (2014/2015)


Appointed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, consisting of the Director and Coordinator of Instructional Technology, two academic deans (nominated by Deans' Council), two department chairs elected by Chairs Forum, Council of Deans recommends two academic Deans, and four faculty representatives appointed by the Faculty Senate.


Director of OIT will chair the committee and convene meetings.




To consult widely and recommend policies and priorities regarding distance education issues.

Name Title Dept/College/Office Term Ends
Dr. Lesa Beverly > Professor Mathematics 2015/2016
Dr. Louise Stoehr> Associate Professor Modern Languages 2015/2016
Dr. Gail Weatherly> Assistant Professor Business Communications 2014/2015
Dr. Steve Bullard{} Dean Forestry & Agriculture 2014/2015
Erica Chapman> Librarian Library 2015/2016
Dr. Matthew Lindsey++ Interim Chair Bus Comm & Legal Studies 2014/2015
Dr. Judy Abbott{} Dean Education 2014/2015
Dr. Scott Slough++ Chair Secondary Education 2015/2016
Dr. Randy McDonald
Director Instructional Technology
Ms. Janet Kamps Coordinator Instructional Technology ex officio
> Elected by Faculty Senate
{} Elected by Deans Council
++ Elected by Chairs Forum