Stephen F. Austin State University

Education Advisory Board

Overview of Current Partnerships with EAB


EAB Main Contact


Academic Affairs Forum Monica Wilson
(202) 909-4363

Strategy advice and research for provosts, deans and other

academic leaders on elevating performance in teaching,

research, and academic governance.

Student Affairs Forum Monica Wilson

Best practice research for executives on enhancing the

student experience, improving student engagement, and

enhancing career education and development series

Continuing & Online

Education Forum

Monica Wilson

Employer-focused market research, marketing and

recruiting strategy studies, and implementation resources

to help leaders of continuing, professional, and online

education compete in an increasingly crowded market.

Advancement Forum Monica Wilson

Best practice research to attract and retain top fundraising

talent, engage alumni, and ultimately increase philanthropic


IT Forum Monica Wilson

Best practice research to unlock the power of data from

campus systems and guide institutional transformations.


Samantha Mocknick

(202) 266-5569

John Quast

(202) 909-4146

Direct-to-student mobile platform designed to tackle

common student obstacles by delivering personalized

guidance at scale, maximizing the impact of existing


Student Success Collaborative-


Samantha Mocknick

Seth Moucka

(202) 266-6379

Predictive modeling, milestone tracking, and best practice

implementation to help institutions improve completion,

retention, and time to degree.

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