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Business Communication and Corporate Education

Develop the skills to succeed

Today’s business world is looking for employees with communication, education and employee development skills. Our Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree in business communication and corporate education equips you with these increasingly valued skills and prepares you to start your career in this field.

B.B.A. in Business Communication and Corporate Education 

The B.B.A. with a major in business communication and corporate education combines courses in business communication, business law and general business. In addition to core requirements for the university and B.B.A. foundation requirements, the business communication and corporate education major requires the following courses to graduate:

  • University Core Curriculum – B.B.A. track
  • B.B.A. Foundation Curriculum: ACC 231, 232; BCM 247; BLW 335; ECO 231, 232, 339; FIN 333; GBU 325; MGT 272, 370, 371, 463; MKT 351; Two Hours General Electives
  • MTH 220
  • BCM 347, 447, 450
  • GBU 321, 330, 345
  • 9 additional hours from GBU 310, 400, 440, 461; BLW 456; MGT 373; GBU 485


*See General Bulletin for additional details, guidelines and requirements

B.B.A. in Business Communication & Corporate Education – Online

Students that have already completed 60 credit-hours have the option to pursue an online B.B.A. in Business Communication & Corporate Education. The requirements are no different than the traditional face-to-face program. Visit SFA Online to learn more.

A A C S B Accredited

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