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The Mast Student Investment Roundtable provides finance students with hands-on experience in managing an equity portfolio. One of only a few such programs in the country available to undergraduates, the program affords SFA business majors the opportunity to obtain real-world experience in the field of investments by managing over $670,000 of real money provided by the SFA Alumni Association and the SFA Foundation. Student Investment Roundtable members analyze and select stocks, make investment decisions, manage the portfolio and present their results according to industry standards.

The Mast Investment Roundtable, led by Director Dr. Todd Brown, is composed of undergraduate and MBA graduate students. The students are selected through a written application process which is open only to upperclassmen who have completed an investments course to help ensure an understanding of financial concepts and modern portfolio theory. See details on how to join and what we do.

Program Goals

Main Goal

The goal of the Mast Student Investment Roundtable to outperform the S&P 500x.

Steps to Achieving Goal

The Mast Student Investment Roundtable will utilize two main methods in an attempt to outperform the S&P 500:

  1. Asset Allocation: Increase assets, compared to the S&P 500, to high performing sectors and decrease assets to low performing sectors.
  2. Stock Selection: Select the best performing stocks within each sector.

Ancillary Goals

  1. Enhancing the educational opportunities of the students by providing them with real world portfolio management experience and giving them a distinct advantage in starting their careers in the business world.
  2. Enhance the visibility of the Rusche College of Business in order to recruit quality students that are interested in gaining valuable experience while receiving their education.
  3. Fund operational expenses, scholarships, and awards through the annual proceeds from the endowment portion of the Mast Student Investment Roundtable Fund.
  4. Encourage non-business students to become interested in the financial markets by observing the work of their peers.
  5. Establishing relationships with the business community through participation and engagement with the Roundtable.


Dr. Todd Brown, Co-Director

Dr. Samuel Jones, Co-Director


The Department of Economics and Finance
Faculty directory

Physical Address:
McGee Business Building
Suite 303

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13009, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962


A A C S B Accredited

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