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Investment Roundtable Members

Mast Student Investment Roundtable members

View a list of Mast Investment Roundtable members throughout the years.

Spring 2017

Sector Members  
Consumer Discretionary Kevin Torres Cruz  
Consumer Staples Juliana Romero Kevin Torres Cruz
Energy William S. Radican Brett M. Rodriguez
Financials Jordan B. Jefferys Elizabeth M. Van Voorhees
Healthcare Cameron J. Villareal William S. Radican
Industrials Taylor N. Alderman  
Information Technology Nicholas R. Maynard Cullen C. Stanton
Materials Taylor N. Alderman Matthew A. Bain
Real Estate Jordan B. Jefferys  
Telecommunications Nicholas R. Maynard Cullen C. Stanton
Utilities Monica L. Hall Brett M. Rodriguez

Fall 2016

Sector Members  
Assistant Portfolio Manager Jonathan Hooker  
Consumer Discretionary Noah Adair Cassidy Livin
Consumer Staples Kevin Torres William Little
Energy Brett M. Rodriguez Kayla Burns
Financials Taylor Alderman Jordan Jefferys
Healthcare Hunter Wilson Aubry Mlotshwa
Industrials William Radican Matt Villarreal
Materials Brock Soto  
Telecom/Info Tech Uriel Silva Collin Stuart
Utilities Chen Kun  

Spring 2016

Sector Members  
Consumer Discretionary Jon Godeaux Logan Zlomke
Consumer Staples Austin Lee  
Energy Baxter Ward Jordan Barnard
Financials George Elking Kyle Griffin
Healthcare Nick Hopson Jason Cuadra
Industrials Rachel Tosh Matthew Rohloff
Information Technology James Vance Corey Belcher
Materials Rachel Tosh Matthew Rohloff
Telecommunication James Vance Corey Belcher
Utilities Payne Nowak  

Fall 2015

Sector Members  
Consumer Discretionary Adam Carley Mi-Kayla Lemon
Consumer Staples Grant Colwell  
Energy Michael Shand Sarah Law
Financials Agustin Duran  
Healthcare Craig Kouba  
Industrials Racheal Tosh  
Info Tech/Telecom James Vance Nick Garner
Materials George Elking  
Utilities Dustin Clem  

Spring 2015

Sector Members  
Consumer Discretionary Ryan Swor Jordan Wiggs
Consumer Staples Justin Harrison  
Energy Steven Hawkins Joshua Blake
Financials Blake Moore Brett Heinrich
Healthcare Chris Shirey Dara Adebayo
Industrials Neel Warren Tiburcio Garcia
Info Tech/Telecom William Guzy Taylor Johnson
Materials Marquel Rowe  
Utilities Damie Osinowo  

Fall 2014

Sector Members  
Consumer Discretionary John Fontenot Nathan Bouc
Consumer Staples Steven Hawkins Ryan Swor
Energy Joshua Taylor Chase Gipson
Financials Christopher Moore Neel Warren
Healthcare Yuchen Wang Christina Castillo
Industrials Jordon Lenaburg Christian Atkinson
Information Technology Chen Zhang Lance Moore
Materials Jordon Lenaburg Christian Atkinson
Telecommunication Chen Zhang Lance Moore
Utilities Christopher Moore Neel Warren

Spring 2014

Sector Members    
Consumer Discretionary Sean Choate Noah Adams  
Consumer Staples Ariel Barnett Kevin Collins  
Energy Joshua Hornbank Keavon Madison Julian Allen
Financials Dakoda Fandry Kyle Allen  
Healthcare Calynn Mullins Richard Hardin  
Industrials Julia Lanham Brandon Brotzman Christopher Morelock
Information Technology Steven Condes Jerrett Williams McRae Cleaveland
Materials Julia Lanham Brandon Brotzman Christopher Morelock
Telecommunication Chen Kun    
Utilities Joshua Hornbank Keavon Madison Julian Allen

Fall 2013

Sector Members
Consumer Discretionary Jonathan Fletcher
Consumer Staples Jaasiel Luna
Energy Tony Ganino
Financials Justin Rodriguez
Healthcare Brian Cook
Industrials Spencer Henry
Information Technology Zachary Downing
Materials Spencer Henry
Telecommunication Zachary Downing
Utilities Tony Ganino

Spring 2013

Sector Members  
Consumer Discretionary Jarid Scarafiotti Alexa Brackens
Consumer Staples Armando Lopez Lauren Houghton
Energy Lindsey Camille Hall Kelly Wade
Financials Lacey Montgomery Parker Deese
Healthcare Jonathan Butts Brentley Gibson
Industrials Jonathan Fletcher  
Information Technology Kody Chapman  
Materials Jake King  
Telecommunication Haley Brooke Mills  
Utilities Brian Cook  

Fall 2012

Sector Members  
Consumer Discretionary Carla Torres Jake Russell
Consumer Staples Jeff Stephens Kyle Clonts
Energy Chris Boatman Lacey Montgomery
Financials Trey Whitling Ryan Breaux
Healthcare Noel Quintero Corderall Epps
Industrials Allison Flake Nic Wheeler
Information Technology Scott Nixon Chen J. Zhang
Materials Carlos Palomo  
Telecommunication Scott Stanfield  
Utilities Glen McMahon  

Spring 2012

Sector Members    
Consumer Discretionary Uriel Montoya Diane Flynn Charlotte Monk
Consumer Staples Caroline Henderson Robert Darnell Allison Flake
Energy Chris Boatman Jordan Grindle Noel Quintero
Financials Robert Darnell Uriel Montoya Noel Quintero
Healthcare JuliAnn Gray Austin Caldwell Diane Flynn
Industrials Caroline Henderson JuliAnn Gray Adam Berry
Information Technology Chris Boatman Allison Flake Adam Berry
Materials Jack Whitling Austin Caldwell Thomas Fotta
Telecommunication Jack Whitling Charlotte Monk  
Utilities Thomas Fotta Jordan Grindle  

Fall 2011

Sector Members    
Consumer Discretionary Andrew McClintock Diane Flynn Charlotte Monk
Consumer Staples Matthew Cordova Cedric Claiborne Peyton Williams
Energy John Ramsey Jordan Grindle Garrett Knight
Financials Alex Marsh Azamat Tangatarov Peyton Williams
Healthcare Alina Whitehorn Austin Caldwell Diane Flynn
Industrials Alina Whitehorn John Ramsey Adam Berry
Information Technology Alex Marsh Garrett Knight Adam Berry
Materials Cedric Claiborne Austin Caldwell Azamat Tangatarov
Telecommunication Matthew Cordova Charlotte Monk  
Utilities Andrew McClintock Jordan Grindle  

Spring 2011

Portfolio managers: Graciela Zavala, Mackenzie Calcote, Justin Bigger, Brooke Jackson, Victor Powell, Richard Wilks and Wayne Ramsey

Sector Members
Consumer Discretionary Andrew McClintock
Consumer Staples Matthew Cordova
Energy John Ramsey
Financials Alex Marsh
Healthcare Alina Whitehorn
Industrials Uriel Luna
Information Technology Jacob Martin
Materials Cedric Claiborne
Telecommunication Michael Schmidt

Fall 2010

Portfolio managers: David Hernandez, Qiong You, James Flourney, Justin Smith and James Lopez

Sector Members
Consumer Discretionary Mark Whittaker
Consumer Staples Graciela Zavala
Energy Jerrad Ragsdell
Financials Justin Bigger
Healthcare Mackenzie Calcote
Industrials Wayne Ramsey
Information Technology Brooke Jackson
Materials Richard Wilks
Telecommunication Michael Schmidt
Utilities Victor Powell

Spring 2010

Porfolio managers: Nicole Olszewski and Dustin Benedict

Sector Members
Consumer Discretionary Kendra Simmons
Consumer Staples David Hernandez
Energy Jennifer Perry
Financials Brett Fry
Healthcare Kristan Royal
Industrials Kevin Reaves
Information Technology James Flourney
Materials Qiong You
Telecommunication Justin Smith
Utilities James Lopez

Fall 2009

Sector Members  
Consumer Discretionary Cameron Schacht  
Consumer Staples David Sandoval  
Energy Chris Johnson Justin Droddy
Financials Stephen Scott  
Healthcare Nicole Olszewski Jessica Jones
Industrials Joshua Rabb  
Information Technology Dustin Benedict  
Materials Melanie Fellows  
Telecommunication Jessica Atteberry  
Utilities Travis Powell  


Junior Sesay, Rodger Jackson, Stephen Gerrald, Chad Hinton and Colleen Rico


Mathew Dokupil and Clay Gilbert


Heather Crabtree, Matt Clark, Geremy Anderson, Salina Morrow and Chris McBride


Brandon Lockwood, Mathew Clark, Lisa Cosgrove, Aisha Jamal, Austin Beck, Jose Rangel and Brandi Weis


Tony Nettuno, Julie Schellberg and Randall Brazie


Wes Yuhnke and Jarrett Terry


Henry Howard, Peyton Jones, Julie Zimmerman, Francesca D'Argento and William Lewis


Tom Patton, Jamie Rodrigues, Julie Brogoitti, Ember Tomlinson, Christine Hadjioannou, Jeremy Wilson, Jackie Painton, Joseph Harrison, Tiffany Miller and Brad Casey


Cody Lankford, Robin Brown, Lillcian Hargrove, Mike Ruzek and Karen Collier


Stacy Rugg, Paul Stephenson, Wendy Murray, Chris Thedford, Michael Millett, Robin Brown, Eric Tipp, Brian Cullins and Rick Richter


Shane Tatum, Kevin Terry, Stephanie Timmons, Jeffery Scroggins and Paul Reid

A A C S B Accredited


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