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Mast Student Investment Roundtable

Investment Roundtable Program Details

Who can join

Students may file an application for admittance into the Mast Student Investment Roundtable during the middle of the fall and spring semesters. Any student, finance major or otherwise, who has demonstrated exemplary performance in either FIN 357 - Introduction to Investments or FIN 554 - Investments Analysis and Portfolio Management may apply.

Class procedures

Each student is assigned a stock from the existing Mast Student Investment Roundtable Fund; he or she is responsible for the detailed monitoring of that stock throughout the semester. The students give updates during each class meeting on the current events and activities affecting their firm. The analyst interprets these events and activities in order to make recommendations to the class regarding the holding.

The class is divided into market sector groups (energy, financials, utilities, etc.), that are responsible for researching and analyzing their specific sector. They provide periodic reports that outline overall trends, recent developments and specific stock recommendations. Each member of the class is also responsible for researching a new stock within their sector that may be added to the portfolio. The analyst prepares a written report and makes an oral presentation to the class at which time the class votes on the purchase recommendation of the analyst. For continuity, each analyst submits executive summaries briefing the reasons for specific buys/sells during the semester to be passed on to the next class.

Each semester distinguished members of the investments community visit the Roundtable to provide students with professional advice regarding investment strategies and current conditions of the financial markets.

Every three months the students of the Roundtable meet with the SFA Alumni Foundation to offer details of their decision making process and investment results for the quarter.


The Mast Student Investment Roundtable is housed in the Mast Student Investment Center that contains a computer lab and a conference room. A two line stock ticker display adorns the wall in the computer lab that allows students to see quotes from active stocks and information relating to the stock market. In addition, three flat screen televisions display current financial news. Located in the lobby of the northwest corner of the McGee Building, outside of the computer lab, are two LCD screens that provide all interested parties with live updates of the performance of the Mast Student Investment Roundtable Fund.

Students also have access to Morningstar Direct within the computer lab that provides real-time data and analysis for members of the Roundtable to aid in evaluating the stock market. Morningstar is the industry standard data provider for investment analysts and with adequate training provides students with a true advantage in entering the work force.

A dedicated conference room used for weekly meetings is also a part of the Mast Student Investment Center. It allows the members of the Roundtable to discuss and talk about current financial events and present investment ideas in a collaborative environment. Two overhead projectors can be used to display presentations or current conditions of the Mast Student Investment Roundtable Fund.


Dr. Todd Brown, Co-Director

Dr. Samuel Jones, Co-Director


The Department of Economics and Finance
Faculty directory

Physical Address:
McGee Business Building
Suite 303

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13009, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962


A A C S B Accredited

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