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Faculty Research

Research and Fieldwork

Faculty Research

A wide range of interests

At SFA, our psychology faculty members have diverse research interests, including cognitive, social, developmental, clinical and behavioral neural science. Undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to gain valuable experience by getting involved in a faculty member’s research project.

Faculty research

Dr. Lauren Brewer

Dr. Lauren Brewer’s research focuses on the self, philosophical psychology and the scholarship of teaching and learning. To learn more, email her at To get involved in Brewer’s research, visit her website

Dr. Kyle Conlon

Dr. Kyle Conlon’s interests include social cognition, motivation, goals and scholarship of teaching and learning. To learn more, email him at To get involved in Conlon’s research, visit his website


Dr. Scott Drury

Dr. Scott Drury’s research areas include unconscious priming, implicit memory, impression formation, text comprehension and the history of psychology. To learn more, email him at

Dr. Steven Estrada 

Dr. Steven Estrada’s research areas include emotion-cognition interactions, decision-making, embodied cognition, animal cognition and the neurobiology of attention and sports performance. To learn more, email him at To get involved in Estrada’s research, visit his website

Dr. Scott Hutchens

Dr. Scott Hutchens’ research interests include scholarship of teaching and learning, models of memory, distinctive memories, eye-witness identification, text comprehension, applied cognition and social cognition. To learn more, email him at  

Dr. Lora Jacobi

Dr. Lora Jacobi’s research interests include the effects of appearance, obesity and other extraneous variables on the perception of performance and personnel decisions, including hiring and promotion, and understanding the effects of body image and appearance satisfaction on the perception of self and others. To learn more, email her at

Dr. Dusty Jenkins

Dr. Dusty Jenkins’ research interests include adolescent and adult development, human sexuality, LGBT issues, and scholarship of teaching and learning. To learn more, email her at

Dr. Mark Ludorf

Dr. Mark Ludorf’s research interests include study abroad topics in Italy, leadership, customizing education, and cognitive psychology research areas including attention and memory. Other areas also include applied statistics, methodology and technology applications in higher education. To learn more, email him at

Dr. Sylvia Middlebrook

Dr. Sylvia Middlebrook’s research interests include psychological and behavioral assessment, psychopathology and interface of legal and mental health systems, mindfulness, nonsuicidal self-injury, healthy aging and subjective well-being. To learn more, email her at

Dr. Catherine Pearte

Dr. Catherine Pearte’s research interests include psychopathology in young adults and college students, borderline personality disorder, suicide, non-uicidal self-injury, eating disorders and body image. To learn more, email her at

Dr. Sarah Savoy

Dr. Sarah Savoy’s research interests include weight stigma, victimization, help-seeking and social and cognitive processes that contribute to the development and maintenance of disordered eating. To get involved in Savoy’s research, visit her website To learn more, email her at

Dr. James Schaeffer

Dr. James Schaeffer’s research interests include cognitive neuroscience, human memory, brain health, inflammation, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To learn more, email him at


Dr. Nathan Sparkman

Dr. Nathan Sparkman’s research interests include neuroinflammation, stress and depression. To learn more, email him at


Department of Psychology

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