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Skills for a competitive job market

According to research, the liberal arts skill set – oral and written communication, creativity, problem-solving and critical analysis – is highly sought after by today’s employers. Oxford University predicts that 45% of current jobs will be gone in 20 years due to artificial intelligence. 

The jobs that are not threatened with elimination are those that involve creativity and human interaction. Those are the jobs that you’ll prepare for as a liberal arts student. In fact, research by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities reveals that liberal arts students out-earn most pre-professional graduates in their peak earning years. In other words, the College of Liberal and Applied Arts helps ensure the success of students for the upcoming changes in the job market. 

Students in the College of Liberal and Applied Arts pursue rewarding careers in a wide variety of fields:

Anthropology, Geography and Sociology 

  • cartographer 
  • climatologist 
  • community developer
  • criminologist 
  • geography teacher 
  • housing coordinator
  • market analyst
  • meteorologist 
  • Peace Corps worker 
  • social researcher
  • urban planner 

English and Creative Writing   

  • copywriter
  • editor
  • journalist 
  • manuscript reader
  • novelist 
  • proofreader
  • reporter 
  • speechwriter   
  • teacher/professor 
  • technical writer   


  • city manager 
  • corrections officer  
  • court reporter
  • federal agent 
  • foreign service officer
  • lobbyist
  • paralegal
  • police officer  
  • probation officer  
  • public affairs officer  


  • archivist 
  • corporate historian
  • genealogist 
  • lawyer  
  • librarian 
  • museum curator
  • policy advisor 
  • preservation specialist  
  • research assistant 
  • teacher/professor   

Language, Cultures and Communication 

  • foreign service officer 
  • French teacher 
  • government official 
  • interpreter/translator
  • linguist 
  • Spanish teacher 
  • tour guide 
  •  travel writer/editor  

Mass Communication  

  • advertising account executive 
  • copywriter 
  • journalist 
  • photojournalist
  • public relations executive 
  • radio/tv announcer 
  • screenwriter 
  • sports announcer 
  • voice-over artist 

Multidisciplinary Studies 

  • college professor 
  • diplomat
  • grant coordinator 
  • religious leader  
  • research analyst 


  • career counselor 
  • case manager
  • clinical psychologist 
  • counseling psychologist 
  • guidance counselor 
  • probation officer
  • research psychologist 
  • residential counselor 

Social Work 

  • case manager 
  • clinical practitioner 
  • drug prevention counselor 
  • program administrator
  • public policy administrator 
  • researcher 
  • volunteer coordinator 


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