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Class 2024 - A Residential Learning Community

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Residential Learning Community

CLASS 2024 has been postponed until Fall 2021

For current SFA information on Covid-19, visit

What is CLASS 2024? (¿Qué es la CLASE del 2024?)

CLASS 2024 is a Residential Learning Community for freshman students in the College of Liberal and Applied Arts. Participants will live on the same floor in Steen Hall, take some classes together, and enjoy a variety of unique social and academic activities. Our goal is to help ease the transition into college, provide focused support for academic success, and help students build lasting friendships.

Who qualifies for CLASS 2024?

Space is limited for this unique opportunity. Qualified applicants must:

  • be a first-time freshman in the fall 2020 semester
  • have an academic major in the humanities or social sciences
  • enroll in at least one of the following courses during fall 2020:
    ENGL 1301, HIST 1301, SPAN 1411, SPAN 2313 or GOVT 2305
  • and enroll in a special section of SFAS 1101, our freshman success seminar.

We have reserved seats for CLASS 2024 members in specific sections of the classes listed. When it’s time, your academic advisor will help you register for the appropriate sections.

Why apply for CLASS 2024?

CLASS 2024 offers both social and academic benefits,with research indicating that RLC participants earn higher GPAs and experience higher levels of satisfaction with college.

Students will interact with hand-picked faculty members inside and outside the classroom. Coupled with shared experiences like off-campus trips, meals, free tickets to campus events and more, social and mentoring opportunities abound.

Finally, CLASS 2024 students will participate in a unique community research project in spring 2021, earning credit and building their resumes before finishing their first year of college.

How do you join CLASS 2024?

  1. Complete this application form for the CLASS 2024 program.
  2. Apply for housing through the Residence Life Department.
  3. After applying for housing, make sure to fill out this RLC Interest Form indicating CLASS 2024 as your preferred RLC.

There are no extra charges to be part of this tremendous experience — students pay regular tuition, room and board.

Making a difference, following your passion, enjoying a successful career — that’s the liberal arts!



CLASS 2024 Residential Learning Community

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