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Faculty Policies and Forms

Policy and Procedures - Table of Contents

Admission of Students with Credit for Nursing Courses Completed (Policy No. 4)

Academic Advising (Policy No. 6)

Blood or Body Fluid Exposure (Policy No. 19)

Incident Report (Form 19A)

Absence from Exam (Policy No. 20)

Clinical Absences (Policy No. 21)

F-Day (Policy No. 22)

F-Day/Counseling (Form 22)

NCLEX Review (Policy No. 24)

Faculty and Course Evaluations (Policy No. 38)

Student Evaluation - Face to Face Courses (Form 38A)

Student Evaluation - Online Courses (Form 38B)

Action Plan (Form 38C)

Evaluation of Clinical Agency by Students (Policy No. 40)

Student Evaluation of Clinical Agency (Form 40)

New Faculty Orientation (Policy No. 50)

Mentor Checklist (Form 50)

BLS Certification for Faculty (Policy No. 53)

Faculty Educational Development (Policy No. 54)

Tenure and Promotion (Policy No. 55)

Merit Raise (Policy No. 56)

Faculty Workload (Policy No. 57)

Summer Teaching (Policy No. 58)

Revision of Test Items (Policy No. 63)

Test Plan (Policy No. 64)

Summary of Test Review (Form 64.1)

Testing/Blueprint (Form 64.2)

Immunization for Faculty (Policy No. 65)

Grades (Policy No. 66)

Conference Forms (Policy No. 69)

Clinical Incident (Policy No. 71)

Clinical Incident (Form 71A)

Clinical Facilities (Policy No. 73)

Request for Initiating Clinical Agreements (Form 73A)

Independent Studies (Policy No. 80)

Independent Studies Contract (Form 80A)

Records Retention (Policy No. 81)

Telephones/Long Distance (Policy No. 82)

Travel Reimbursement (Policy No. 83)

Traveling Reimbursement - Travel to Clinical Site (Policy No. 84)

Faculty Evaluation of Clinical Agency (Policy No. 95)

Instructor Evaluation of Clinical Agency (Form 95A)

Summary of Instructor's Evaluation of Clinical Agency (Form 95B)

Student Attrition Survey (Policy No. 97)

Attrition/Persistence (Form 97A)

Evaluation of Curriculum by Graduates and Employers (Policy No. 98)

Evaluation of Curriculum by New Graduates (Form 98A)

Evaluation of Curriculum by Post Grads Six Months Following Graduation (Form 98B)

Evaluation of Curriculum by Employers of Post Grads Six Months Following Graduation (Form 98C)

Evaluation of Curriculum by New RN-BSN Graduates (Form 98D)

Evaluation of Curriculum by New RN-BSN Grads Six Months Following Graduation (Form 98E)

Evaluation of Curriculum by Employer of New RN-BSN Grads Six Months Following Graduation (Form 98F)



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