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Nelson Rusche College of Business

Top Scholar

Rhiannon Lackey
"Aggravated Assault Rates in Texas"
Faculty sponsor: Ryan Phelps, Department of Economics and Finance


  • Tyler Bishop, Nicole Kurr, Jennifer McFarland and Brandon Rogers
    "What Makes SFA Students Happy"
    Faculty sponsor: Ryan Phelps, Department of Business
  • Lexie Butler, Kati Van Dunk, Teresa Powell, Tara Toner and Tim Ward
    "Industry’s Environmental Programs Analysis and Company Recommendations"
    Faculty sponsor: Carol Wright , Department of Business
  • Anthony Cardwell, Logan Fountain and Tiffany Snider
    "Going Green Makes Cents"
    Faculty sponsor: Debbie DuFrene, Department of Business
  • Jacob Martin, Penny McClendon, Brian Watson and Jimanna Watson
    "Corporate America"
    Faculty sponsor: Ann Wilson, Department of Business

James I. Perkins College of Education

Top Scholar

Sara Baker
"Physical Therapy: Manual Therapy versus Myofascial Release"
Faculty sponsor: DawnElla M. Rust, Department of Kinesiology and Health Science


College of Fine Arts

Top Scholar

John Green
"Turn of the Century Recital"
Faculty sponsor: Nita Hudson, School of Music


Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Top Scholar

Donald Braman, Arika L. Kulhavy and Leon York
"Trash (In) Action"
Faculty sponsor: David Kulhavy, Division of Environmental Science


  • Stacey Carr, Regine Skelton and Charity Vaughn
    "Evaluating a Sustainable Environmental Science Buildings using Concepts from Landscape Ecology"
    Faculty sponsor: David Kulhavy , Division of Environmental Science
  • Katelyn Kowalczyk, Erin Stempinski and Jarrett Sullivan
    "Evaluating a Sustainable Campus using Concepts from Landscape Ecology"
    Faculty sponsor: David Kulhavy, Division of Environmental Science

College of Liberal and Applied Arts

Top Scholar

Demarcus D. Tave
"Getting Rid of the Evil Doers: Why Pakistan Should Be Top Priority in the War on Terror"
Faculty sponsor: Michael Tkacik, Department of Government


College of Sciences and Mathematics

Top Scholar

Matthew Edison Parks
"Spectroscopic Studies of 3-Nitrofluoranthene and Fluoranthene"
Faculty sponsor: Kefa Onchoke, Department of Chemistry



Executive Committee, SFA Undergraduate Research Conference

Dr. Michael Tkacik

Dr. Leslie Cecil

Dr. Eric Jones

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