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Nelson Rusche College of Business

Top Scholar

Brian Jett and Hirancita Medina
"Infant Mortality"
Faculty sponsor: Ryan Phelps, Department of Economics and Finance


  • Sarah Cooper, Joshua Floyd, Katie Griffith and Micheal R. Wilson
    "Shift Your Life!, GM and U Case Competition"
    Faculty sponsor: Marlene C. Kahla, Department of Management and Marketing
  • LaTonya Edmeade, Kelsi Leach and Justin Smith
    "Professor Salary"
    Faculty sponsor: Ryan Phelps, Department of Economics and Finance
  • Tarsha Gibson, Scott Johnson, Jane Polvadore and Courtney Short
    "Light the Way to Meeting Success"
    Faculty sponsor: Judith Biss, Department of General Business
  • Jessica Jones
    "Default Rate on Auto Loans"
    Faculty sponsor: Ryan Phelps, Department of Economics and Finance

James I. Perkins College of Education

Top Scholar

Nathan Frischman
"Effects of Bolus vs. Metered Rehydration Rates on Fluid Retention and Hydration"
Faculty sponsor: Eric Jones, Department of Kinesiology and Health Science


College of Fine Arts

Top Scholar

Ella Haag, Marissa Harding and Miguel Maymi
"'Woyzeck': The Road to Production"
Faculty sponsor: Rick Jones, School of Theatre


  • Jill English
    "School of Art Advertising Campaign Interdisciplinary Project"
    Faculty sponsor: Peter Andrew, School of Art
  • Patrick Russell
    "Brahms Op. 32, The Forgotten Cycle"
    Faculty sponsor: Jamie Weaver, School of Music

Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Top Scholar

Max Wayne Jackson
"The Effects of Harvesting on Soil Bulk Density and Infiltration"
Faculty sponsor: Matthew McBroom, Division of Environmental Science


  • Eric Finke and Sean Pessarra
    "Integration of CITYgreen into Urban Forest Planning for Stephen F. Austin State University"
    Faculty sponsor: David Kulhavy, Division of Environmental Science
  • Penny Gibson
    "Creating a Sustainable Recycling Program on a University Campus Using Principles of Landscape Ecology"
    Faculty sponsor: David Kulhavy, Division of Environmental Science
  • Charles Van Hoose
    "Buy Local Nacogdoches"
    Faculty sponsor: Yanli Zhang, Division of Forestry
  • Lindsey Krebs
    "Influence of Weaning Strategy on Animal Welfare in Beef Calves"
    Faculty sponsor: Erin Brown, Division of Agriculture
  • Olivia LaMaster
    "Water Hyacinth for Phytoremediation of Wastewater"
    Faculty sponsor: Sheryll Jerez, Division of Environmental Science
  • Audrey Shelby
    "Loblolly Pine Seedling Response to Herbaceous Release on Intensively Prepared Sites in Texas"
    Faculty sponsor: Jimmie Yeiser, Division of Forestry
  • Erin Stempinski
    "Phytoremediation Potential of Three Grasses on Zinc and Lead Contaminated Soils"
    Faculty sponsor: Kenneth Farrish, Division of Environmental Science

College of Liberal and Applied Arts

Top Scholar

Meredith May
"Under Fire: The Historical Relationship Between the U.S. Military and Military Families"
Faculty sponsor: Dana Cooper, Department of History


College of Sciences and Mathematics

Top Scholar

Amanda H. Nolan
"Vibrational Spectra of 1- and 2-Nitrotriphenylene: A DFT Study"
Faculty sponsor: Kefa K. Onchoke, Department of Chemistry


  • Sarah A. Bollinger
    "Expression and Partial Purification of a Protein Implicated in Dwarfism and Polydactyly"
    Faculty sponsor: Odutayo O. Odunuga, Department of Chemistry
  • Jeffery D. Briggs
    "Viscosity Measurements of Biodiesel Fuels"
    Faculty sponsor: Russell J. Franks, Department of Chemistry
  • Jacqueline A. Greer
    "Biotransformations Using Carrots"
    Faculty sponsor: Michele R. Harris, Department of Chemistry
  • Kari Hugie
    "Habitat Preferences of Nitrophila Species"
    Faculty sponsor: Donald Pratt, Department of Biology
  • Travis Perlman and Jacob Stanton
    "The Effects of Food Quality and Predation Risk on Foraging Preference in White-Tailed Deer"
    Faculty sponsor: Brent Burt, Department of Biology
  • Joshua Perry
    "The Effects of Pretreatment on the Cation Exchange Capacity of SWy-2"
    Faculty sponsor: Alyx S. Frantzen, Department of Chemistry
  • Charlotte Poe
    "A Calorimetric Comparison of Oil Shales"
    Faculty sponsor: Alyx S. Frantzen, Department of Chemistry
  • Sarah M. Power
    "Geology of the Northern Part of the Semail Ophiolite Complex with Emphasis on GIS Spectral Analysis, United Arab Emirates, Eastern Arabian Plate"
    Faculty sponsor: Volker Gobel, Department of Geology


Executive Committee, SFA Undergraduate Research Conference

Dr. Michael Tkacik

Dr. Leslie Cecil

Dr. Eric Jones

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