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Nelson Rusche College of Business

Top Scholar

Brynna Kibler, Erika Reyes and Victoria Wolford
"Nelson Rusche College of Business The Freshman Perspective"
Faculty sponsor: Joe K. Ballenger, Management, Marketing, and International Business


James I. Perkins College of Education

Top Scholar

Heidi Bachrich, Stephen Decker and La Tori Flowers
"Effects of Hot and Temperate Environments on Executive Function Tasks during Moderate and High Intensity Exercise"
Faculty sponsors: Mark D. Faries and Eric J. Jones, Kinesiology and Health Science


College of Fine Arts

Top Scholar

René Phillips
"Thwarting History’s Greatest Art Thieves"
Faculty sponsor: Jill Carrington, School of Art


Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Top Scholar

Jeremy Ayars, Juliet Flores, Whitney Johnson, Mark Nosal and Laura Tapia
"Effectiveness of Lichens in Measuring Atmospheric Pollutants in Nacogdoches, TX"
Faculty sponsor: Sheryll B. Jerez, Environmental Science


  • Amy Brennan, Briana Crockett, Jay Davis, Justin Floyd and Angela Sutherland
    "Comparison of Campsite Monitoring Methods in Texas Wilderness Areas Compared to Wilderness Areas in the Greater Yellowstone Area"
    Faculty sponsor: Pat Stephens Williams, Forestry and Agriculture
  • Amy Brennan, Briana Crockett, Justin Floyd, Zach Jones and Angela Sutherland
    "Visitor Observational Studies in the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center in Yellowstone National Park"
    Faculty sponsor: Pat Stephens Williams, Forestry and Agriculture
  • Amy Butler
    "Effects of Residential Aerobic Sewage Treatment Irrigation Systems on Select Soil Properties"
    Faculty sponsor: Kenneth Farrish, Environmental Science
  • Daniel Fyne
    "A Spatial Analysis of a Colony of Hibiscus dasycalyx, the Neches River Rose Mallow, Established in 1996 in Nacogdoches County, Texas"
    Faculty sponsors: David L. Creech, David L. Kulhavy and Daniel R. Unger, Forestry and Agriculture
  • Bryce German, Emily Greenstein, Turner McDougal and Mary-Leigh Winkler
    "Comparison of Water Pollutant Discharge from Three Parking Lots in Nacogdoches"
    Faculty sponsor: Sheryll B. Jerez, Environmental Science
  • Elaine Harris
    "Comparison of the Performance of a Digital Image Analysis Method versus a Leaf Area Meter in Measuring Leaf Surface Area"
    Faculty sponsor: Sheryll B. Jerez, Environmental Science
  • Drew Weise
    "Soil Phosphorus Loading in Urban Landscapes"
    Faculty sponsor: Kenneth Farrish, Environmental Science

College of Liberal and Applied Arts

Top Scholar

Emily Robbins
"Bohemian Freedom vs. Bourgeois Society: A Study of Carmen as a Symbol of Liberty"
Faculty sponsor: Joyce Johnston, Languages, Cultures, and Communication


  • Zoe Ang
    "Social Work Values and Dying with Dignity"
    Faculty sponsor: Kristin Bailey-Wallace, Social Work
  • Russell Bartholomew
    "Whosoever Believeth: Whosoever Believeth: The Lexical Diffusion of the Third Person Singular Present-Tense Indicative Verbs in Early Modern English and Changing Verb Morphology in English Today"
    Faculty sponsor: Jessica Sams, English
  • Nicholas Goddard
    "Gay Marriage and State Constitutional Provisions"
    Faculty sponsor: Steven Galatas, Government
  • Gretchen L. Patterson
    "The Preservation of the Colonial Spanish Horse"
    Faculty sponsor: Perky Beisel, History
  • Diego Rubalacava
    "The Effects of Exposure to Sugar and Ethnicity on Body Image Satisfaction"
    Faculty sponsor: Lora Jacobi, Psychology
  • Hector Sanchez
    "iBooks Multimedia Portfolio"
    Faculty sponsor: Greg Patterson, Mass Communications
  • Bethanie Sterling
    "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy"
    Faculty sponsor: Michael J. Martin, English

College of Sciences and Mathematics

Top Scholar

Alyssa Largent and Jean Meneses
"Comparison of Lentiviral Stock Storage Protocols"
Faculty sponsor: Sarah Canterberry, Biology



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Dr. Michael Tkacik

Dr. Leslie Cecil

Dr. Eric Jones

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