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Academic Advising Center

Academic Advising Center

CONGRATULATIONS! If you are viewing this page, then chances are you are undecided in your major selection. No worries, at SFA you are not required to declare a major until you reach 45+ hours. Therefore, you have the opportunity to explore your different areas of interest! While doing so, your advisor will be guiding you in your academic course selection.

Deciding to Explore?

The Academic Advising Center serves students who are classified Undeclared Liberal and Applied Art majors. Many students begin their college careers as undeclared majors. Some just want to "take the basics" to start and decide on a major later. Others are trying to choose between two or more majors and are not ready to commit yet. Still others come to SFA with a declared major, but quickly decide it is not the right one for them; they, too, become undeclared. All of these scenarios are typical, normal freshman experiences. If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student with fewer than 45 earned semester hours and have not yet selected a college or decided on a major, you may decide that you wish to be undeclared. The Academic Advising Center is here to serve you.

Will I get behind if I don't declare a major?

With careful planning, undeclared students can complete their core curriculum requirements while deciding on a major. The advisors at the Academic Advising Center will work with you to help you select those core curriculum classes that will most likely be required by your eventual degree plan. By the time you are ready to declare a major, you will be well on your way to fulfilling your degree requirements for your chosen field of study.

Who will advise me?

The Academic Advising Center is open daily, and our advisors are available year-round. Additionally, you will work with a specific advisor at the Advising Center, one who gets to know you and your interests. All of our advisers are here to listen and help you focus on your needs and dreams, with the ultimate goal of selecting a major that is right for you. You should feel free to meet with your advisor any time you have questions about your academic progress during the semester. However, you must meet with your advisor for academic advising prior to registration and course selection. Your advisor will not make decisions for you. Their purpose is to provide you with information and direction so that you are comfortable with the decisions you make for yourself.

What if I declare a major?

Our advisors will help you change your major from undeclared whenever you're ready, provided you are in good academic standing. Once you have changed your major, you will then be advised by a faculty member in your new academic department who will work with you until graduation. SFA requires all students to declare a major once they have earned 45 semester hours.

What classes will I take?

Freshmen at SFA select most of their first year classes from the SFA core curriculum requirements. Class selection for undeclared students is determined by three criteria; the classes should-

• fulfill core curriculum requirements

• apply to many majors

• allow exploration of a potential major

Financial Aid for Undecided Majors

Beginning FALL 2017 all undecided students will be assigned to the major-Bachelor of Arts-Communication Studies with a Transitional Concentration under the College of Liberal and Applied Arts. This does not mean that you are a Communication Studies major. This is simply a placeholder major until you make a decision on what major you wish to pursue and will allow you to be identified to receive financial aid if you are eligible.