Stephen F. Austin State University


Department Advising

Summary of University Policy

  1. All first-time freshmen and transfer students are required to be advised before they can register.
  2. All students on academic probation are required to be advised by both their major department and the Dean's office before each registration period. You can make and appointment to see the Dean by calling 936-468-4604.
  3. All students with fewer than 61 earned hours of credit are required to be advised before each registration period.
  4. All students with 61 or more earned credit hours must be advised at least once each year and may be advised more frequently.
  5. The advising process includes releasing the administrative hold through the University computer network, which will allow students to register.

Department Procedures

  1. Students will come to our offices (Liberal Arts North 335) for advising and, if they do not know, will be informed who their assigned advisor is. To make and appointment please call 936-468-4405.
  2. Students should sign-up for an advising appointment with the department; the advising session typically lasts 30 minutes.
  3. Prior to the advising appointment, students should make notes about which classes they would like to take and the times when they are available. These proactive steps will ensure a more productive advising appointment.
  4. The advising process may include discussion of the major and minor choice of the student, class schedule for the upcoming semester, career issues, student organizations, academic policies, and other pertinent issues.
  5. Upon completion of advising, the advisor will complete the advising form, indicating the student has been advised. A copy of the form becomes a part of the permanent record of the student and will be kept in the main department office.
  6. The department chair or administrative assistant will remove the registration block from the student's computer records as soon as possible, allowing the student to register when appropriate.
  7. Students have the right to change advisors after consultation with the department chair or administrative assistant. Our objective is to have each student work with a faculty member throughout his or her time at SFA.
  8. Other information may be reviewed through our department brochures, SFA General Bulletin, or department web page.