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"Archaeology is our way of reading that message and understanding how these peoples lived. Archaeologists take the clues left behind by the people of the past, and, like detectives, work to reconstruct how long ago they lived, what they ate, what their tools and homes were like, and what became of them." -State Historical Society of South Dakota

Archaeology is one of the four sub-fields of anthropology. It is the study of material culture from past societies to learn about human behaviors. Archaeologists apply these findings to increase our understanding of all human societies--contemporary, historic, and prehistoric.

Students wishing to do concentrated work in archaeology should pursue one of the following:

Archaeology Courses Offered at SFA

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Careers in Archaeology

Employment possibilities for students with an emphasis in archaeology include:

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Dr. Leslie G. Cecil

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Research interests: Maya archaeology, Ceramic analysis, Archaeological sciences, Anthropology of Technology


Telephone: 936-468-3980

Office: LAN 332

Dr. George Avery

Archaeology Laboratory Director

Cultural Heritage Resource Coordinator

Research Interests: Historical archaeology, Spanish Colonial archaeology, Ceramic technology, Mississippian Period in the Southeastern United States, Cultural Resources Management


Telephone: 936-468-2457

Office: F80