Stephen F. Austin State University


Gerontology is the study of aging in society. Gerontologists study all aspect of the aging experience including retirement, social policy, long term care, self-identity, care giving, and inter-generational relations. Gerontology students find jobs as administrators, and with any agency or company that does research about or serves the needs of older people. Because the U.S. population is rapidly aging, gerontology students will be well placed for a secure and rewarding career.

Major in Sociology with a Gerontologyy Emphasis (33 credits)

Although SFA does not offer a gerontology major, students can major in sociology with a gerontology emphasis. The sociology major with an anthropology emphasis introduces students to the fields of social gerontology, aging, and inter-generational relationships and includes room for several gerontology-related elective courses.

Minor in Gerontology (21 credits)

A minor in Gerontology requires SOC 137, 305, 370, 430, and 9 additional credits in sociology.