Stephen F. Austin State University

Sustainability (SUS)


Unless otherwise indicated, courses are three semester hours credit, three hours lecture per week.

Lower-level Undergraduate Courses

101. Environment and Culture - An examination of theoretical and methodo­logical issues in the study of human culture and social activity in relation to ecological systems and the environment.

Upper-level Undergraduate Courses

300. Sustainability Literature - Surveys a mix of past and present literature, mostly non-fiction, that illustrates concepts in sustainable community development, such as thinking on needs of future generations and simultaneously addressing economy, environment, and society. Topics include biodiversity conservation, climate change, economies, renewable energy, and social justice at local, national, and international scales. Case studies on community development, diversity, and resilience are particularly relevant.

350. Sustainable Community Assessment - Introduction to methods to assess and plan for sustainable communities, considering needs of future generations and simultaneously addressing economy, environment, and society. The course includes hands-on exposure to and analysis of demographic and natural resource data, including biodiversity; cultural diversity; economic base, economic diversity, and income inequality; ecological footprint; happiness surveys, and life cycle analysis (LCA), and Sustainability Tracking and Reporting System (STARS). Analysis may be tied to geographic information systems and real-life applied projects in community development.

450. Capstone Seminar in Sustainable Community Development - Senior seminar designed to provide students with the opportunity to conduct research into a topic in sustainable community development. Prerequi­sites: senior standing and permission of instructor.

495. Internship in Sustainable Community Development - Supervised on-the-job experience. Internships arranged by student in consultation with, and approved by, instructor. Prerequisite: advanced standing.