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Loans are for the purpose of research, education, exhibition, conservation, or inspection.  Collections not yet accessioned will not be loaned.  Loans must be insured for full duration of loan and any commercial use of loaned objects is strictly prohibited.  Further, use of collections already in an institution’s holdings is viewed as a form of conservation of sites and their unexcavated materials.  While loans may not be made to individuals, they may be made from individuals.  No outgoing loans of held-in-trust material will be made to individuals.

Loans will be granted for a maximum of one year unless extraordinary circumstances can be presented at which time the AAL Director will render a final decision regarding the loan period.  Loans are renewable; however, materials that have been on extended loan may be recalled at the discretion of the AAL curatorial and administrative staff.  No collection will be loaned without a full catalog of objects.

Loan documents contain any and all special requirements or stipulations of loan and insurance equal to value set by lending curatorial facility will be maintained by receiving institution.  A stipulation of any loan is return of the information gathered as a result of loan.  No loans will be made that result in commercial gain.  The THC will be notified of any held-in-trust collections on loan in the annual report. 


Destructive Loans
According to the AAL policy, a petition for any loan including destructive analyses must be accompanied by a research proposal.  Application for destructive analysis of a held-in-trust collection item will be forwarded to the THC with a cover letter presenting the AAL’s opinion of proposal.  This procedure will be practiced unless the THC delegates decision to the AAL Director via certification status.  If delegation of authority or permission is granted, it is recognized that the THC has not relinquished State’s claim, nor is the object deaccessioned as the information gathered substitutes for partial or total destruction of the object.  Any and all unused portions of objects/samples must be returned to lending curatorial facility upon maturity of loan.

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