Stephen F. Austin State University


Student Government AssociationThe Archie McDonald Speaker series is sponsored annually by the SFA Student Government Association. SGA was established to be the voice of the students. SGA is made up of and administered entirely by students and is the representative body of the students at SFA. The purpose of SGA is three-fold: to be the voice of the student body at SFA, to serve as a model government (with its executive, legislative and judicial branches) and to foster leadership development.

While SGA does not pass legislation that is binding to university policy, it does have a significant influence. Bills passed in recent years have addressed campus lighting, campus safety and the construction of the Baker Pattillo Student Center and the Student Recreation Center.

"It has been a valuable learning experience for SGA to participate in the Archie McDonald Speakers series. The result has been a student event that is closely tied to the central academic mission of the university and that exposes students to a variety of new ideas. It is also a tremendous highlight of the Week of Reflection, a time when students can pause and think about how what they are learning at SFA is changing them into the person they aspire to be." - Dr. Adam Peck, SFA dean of student affairs.