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Biology Minor

Biology Minor

A Biology Minor may be earned by taking 20-23 hours of biology.

This course of study has two goals:

  1. Provide the student with a solid background in the basic biological principles of cell biology, botany, and zoology. Collectively, these courses introduce students to the fundamental structure and function of cells - the basic unit of life - as well as an introduction to the diversity of life on earth. Knowledge of these core areas is crucial for students earning a minor in Biology.
  2. Allow the student to build upon this core knowledge base by selecting from upper division biology course offerings in areas as diverse as physiology, the plant sciences, zoology, and cell & molecular biology.

Course of Study

To fulfill these goals, the following course of study which will lead to a minor in Biology:

BIO 130 Principles of Cell & Molecular Biology 3 credit hours

BIO 131 Principles of Botany 4 credit hours

BIO 133 Principles of Zoology 4 credit hours

BIO Electives 3 additional upper division courses 9-12 credit hours

(must be 300 to 400 level)

Important Guideline:

The following courses MAY NOT be used to fulfill minor requirements:

BIO 121, 123, 210, 238, 239, 301, 308.

Any student who undertakes a minor in biology will be expected to meet the same standards as a biology major taking the same courses, namely:

  1. A student must be TSI compliant before enrolling in BIO 130, 131, or 133 and must complete any additional non-biology pre-requisites necessary for specific biology courses.
  2. Successful completion (i.e., with a "C" or better) of all courses that constitute pre-requisites for any other biology course.

Biology Minor Requirements, By Year

The Fall 2005 General Bulletin or Earlier:

The Fall 2006 to Fall 2008 General Bulletin:

The Fall 2009 General Bulletin Onward:

For any catalog year: pre-requisites are being enforced. This means that some students may have to take Bio 130, even though it may not count towards the necessary hours, to be able to enroll in some upper division classes.