Stephen F. Austin State University

MS in Biotechnology

Welcome to the MS in Biotechnology at SFASU homepage! The Biotechnology program at SFASU is a molecular based biotechnology discipline. Areas of research include molecular virology, agriculture, cancer research, protein biochemistry, and genetics on endangered species. The program has a defined set of core courses designed to allow a student to complete his/her master's degree in two years. Typically, a student will complete the core courses within the first year while starting on their research and spend the second year completing the research towards their thesis defense.

Biotechnology Mission

The mission of the Division of Biotechnology graduate program is to prepare students with marketable skills in new and growing high-technology molecular biology and biochemistry areas, and to provide the academic foundation necessary to pursue further science, medical and professional studies.

Prerequisites for Program

A person interested in pursuing a MS in Biotechnology must meet the admission requirements for the MS in Biology as well as have the equivalent of 1 semester of the overview Organic Chemistry course (CHE 330), 1 semester of microbiology (BIO 309) and 1 semester of Biochemistry (CHE 452).

Degree Plan

First Year:

Fall Semester-

BTC 563 (3 hrs) Molecular Biochemistry

BTC 559 (2 hrs) Advanced Biotechniques Lecture

BTC 559L (2 hr) Advanced Biotechniques Laboratory

Spring Semester-

BTC 555 (2 hrs) Proteins and Nucleic Acids Lecture

BTC 555L (1 hrs) Proteins and Nucleic Acids Laboratory

BTC 557 (2 hrs) Advanced Metabolism and Enzyme Regulation Lecture

BTC 557L (2 hrs) Advanced Metabolism and Enzyme Regulation Laboratory

Summer II -

BTC 558 (2hrs) Biophysical Chemistry Lecture

BTC 558 (2 hrs) Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory

Second Year:

Electives (6 hrs)

BTC 575 and 576 (3 hrs each) Advanced Graduate Studies

BTC 589 (3 hrs) Thesis research

BTC 590 (3 hrs) Thesis writing.