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Graduate Faculty

Graduate Student Thesis Advisors in the MS Biotechnology Major

Dr. Bea Clack
Dr. Bea Clack Educational Background: Dr. Clack earned her B.S in biochemistry from Texas A&M University, M.S. in molecular and cell biology from the University of Texas at Dallas, and her Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology from the University of Texas at Dallas. Office: Miller Science Building; Room S113 Phone: 936.468.1017

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Research projects that Dr. Clack has been involved in include:

  1. Genetic Characterization of the Threatened East Texas Rose Mallow (Hibiscus dasycalyx)
  2. Identifying Eco-friendly biopesticides to the Sunn pest (Eurygaster integriceps)
  3. Development of an prolyl endo protease for the treatment of Celiac's Disease
  4. Structure/function studies of a unique prolyl endoprotease and
  5. Use of Chaperone Proteins to assist in expression of recombinant enzymes in E. coli and
  6. Identification of new anti-cancer compounds from plants.
These projects provide opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to learn many state-of-the art techniques in molecular biology such as cloning, PCR, microarray, pyrosequencing, Real Time PCR, qRT-PCR, RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, spectroscopy techniques, protein expression methods, tissue culture and many more.

Dr. Rebecca Parr
Dr. Rebecca Parr Educational Background: Dr. Parr recieved her B.S. in medical technology from McNeese State University and her M.S in veterinary microbiology from Texas A&M University. She then received her Ph.D. in veterinary microbiology from Texas A&M University. Office: Miller Science Building; Room S112 Phone: 936.468.2267

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Dr. Parr's research efforts include: 1) the exploration of host-viral pathogen interactions associated with viral infections; 2) the discovery of natural products that inhibit or stop viral infections; and 3) detection of viruses in our environment that have the potential to cause zoonotic emerging infectious diseases.

Dr. Alexandra Van Kley
Dr. Alexandra Van Kley Office: Miller Science Building; Room S236 Phone: 936.468.2569

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Dr. Alexandra Martynova-Van Kley received her B.S. in Biochemistry, Biology, Pedagogy in 1984 from Bashkir State University, Ufa, Russia. In 1990 she completed her Ph.D. in Plant Physiology at the Institute of Experimental Botany of Belorussian Academy of Science in Minsk, Belorussia. She came to SFA in 2000 as a Research Associate to the Biotechnology program following a long career as a Research Scientist at the Russian Academy of Science (Ufa, Russia) where she obtained considerable laboratory experience and authored a number of peer-reviewed publications. In 2002 she was offered a Professor position in the Biotechnology program.

Her current research interests include observation of bacterial and fungal communities using the newest molecular technology in microbial DNA analysis and bioinformatics to unravel various questions such us: Do bacterial communities from different parts of the animal body vary from sick to healthy animals? Can they be affected by outside factors such as temperature? How the bacterial or fungal communities vary on plants roots with the respect to host plant and environmental factors such as season, habitat type, soil chemistry.

Dr. Alexandra Martynova-Van Kley teaches:

BIO121 - Concepts of Biology
BIO130 - Principles of Cell & Molecular Biology
BIO470 - Graduate Seminar
BTC563 - Molecular Biochemistry
BTC555 - Nucleic acids & Proteins
BTC548 - Bioinformatics